The 10 Miraculous Benefits of Pilates

Joseph Pilates created an effective, cross-training workout in the early part of the past century that will add a completely new level to your cardio and weight-lifting routine. Pilates can be tailored to your individual needs. It is great for men and women of any age because it can be as easy or strenuous as you want. This type of exercise has become synonymous with a fit and toned body, so it is no wonder the benefits are considered miraculous. There are various benefits that you stand to gain if you start a regular routine of Pilates.

1. Improve flexibility – When you stretch your muscles, they become elongated, which increases your range of motion. As you continue to practice Pilates, you will become more flexible. If you do other workouts, you may find that your performance improves too.

2. Improve breathing – Since you pay careful attention to breathing while doing Pilates, your breathing patterns improve along with your blood circulation. When you are breathing properly, your bloodstream is better able to deliver oxygen to your muscles and organs while removing toxins. This may also help muscles recover faster after a workout.

3. Improve your posture – After doing Pilates for a few weeks, you will notice how you stand because you will be focusing on good spinal alignment during the exercise, and this will change your awareness at other times of the day.

4. Improve bone density – Bones respond to resistance exercises just as muscles do. During Pilates workouts, you may use resistance bands and springs to create stronger bones.

5. Improves back pain – It strengthens the core support to the back and stretches and strengthens the back muscles that may be out of alignment due to poor posture and overuse.

6. Strengthens abdominal muscles – You will contract your abdominal muscles with every exercise. In addition, the deep abdominal muscles are targeted.

7. Provides a cross-training workout – You can avoid overuse injuries when you want to up your performance by adding some Pilates sessions into your regular routine.

8. Provides aerobic benefits – The aerobic benefits vary depending on the intensity of the workout. Some advanced moves will raise your heart rate while seated or prone moves may lower it. Moving quickly between the two gives the best workout.

9. Strengthens joints – With elongated and strong muscles, you may have more joint mobility. This helps ward off arthritis because there is less risk of stiff or weak joints.

10. Improves digestion – When your blood is circulating properly, toxins are removed from your body faster. This helps the digestive system.

Along with these benefits, you will also experience increased energy, body-mind awareness and reduced stress levels. Pilates offers many more benefits, which is why it is the most popular fitness method all over the world. It is recommended by many health and fitness professionals and incorporated into different kinds of workouts.

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