5 Benefits of Kettlebell Training

New exercise and fitness trends keep emerging every day. However, kettlebells are not new. They have been around for centuries and they’re popular for the incredible results they can produce. Although there are many books about kettlebell training, our team at Zero Gravity Fitness can help you to learn more about this amazing practice. Here are five reasons to choose kettlebell training with our trainers in Orlando.

1. Ideal for Fat loss

When designed correctly, kettlebell exercises utilize multi-joint movements that incorporate more than 600 muscles. When more muscles are involved in an activity, more energy is required, hence the burning of fats and carbs. Kettlebell workouts can get intense to the point of disrupting your homeostasis by inducing an afterburn effect that may continue burning calories afterwards.

2. Quick Workouts

Kettlebell workouts can be intense when executed correctly. They can be designed to flow from one movement to another with the same weights or no grip rearrangement. The continuous flow of exercises keeps your muscles engaged continuously and elevates your heart rate. Since these workouts are full-body and dynamic, they don’t last for very long.

3. Perfect for Sculpting a Beautiful Body

In addition to burning fats, kettlebell training increases muscle tone. Most of the workout movements involve various multi-joints linking the bottom part of the body and the top through core muscles. That makes it suitable for your abs. To maintain a kettlebell balance, the body employs over 100 muscles. These muscles are kept under high tension, leading to fast muscle growth and development.

4. Enhances Posture

Do you want to look amazing in your senior years? The kettlebell is ideal for postural muscles as it counteracts sitting and modern-day lifestyles. Often, most postural muscles are ignored, and mirror muscles favored. The kettlebell doesn’t neglect but works deep into essential muscles.

5. Improves Joints

A well-designed kettlebell workout enhances joint stability and mobility. As you swing a kettlebell, the weight responds by pulling the joints apart. That stabilizes your muscles and maintains joint closure.

The success of kettlebell training in Orlando depends on the design and personal trainer. Zero Gravity Fitness is a state-of-the-art gym with experienced trainers that will help you keep fit and remain healthy. Contact our office in Ocoee today to learn more!