5 Mistakes a Personal Fitness Trainer Can Help You Avoid

Wondering why you should bother with a fitness trainer when you have all the power of the internet at your hands ready to deliver nonstop information? Before you set yourself on being 100% DIY in the gym, consider these five common mistakes the lone exerciser may encounter – problems a good trainer can help you avoid.

Improper Form

Poor posture during unfamiliar exercises isn’t just a matter of inefficiency; it can be a matter of safety. Whether it’s putting excess strain on your joints or spine, risking a hernia due to poor tension during heavy lifts, or simply risking your body or the machine by moving things the wrong way, a fitness trainer can help you avoid mistakes when it comes to your form on new exercises – or old exercises you’ve done wrong all along.

Unbalanced Plans

If you put together your own workout plan, it’s easy to miss out on key muscle groups and end up with a body that says “I skip leg day” even though you’re working really hard throughout the week. The more complex your plans and the more you depend on targeted exercises, the bigger a deal this becomes. For this reason, this problem can become increasingly likely as you grow more experienced and fit and start focusing on specific areas.


If you want to push yourself to your limits, it’s all the more important that you work alongside someone who can identify those limits and keep you firmly within them.

Safety Issues

Even if you don’t normally work with a personal fitness trainer, having insight into new exercises or new machines is important to keep you safe in the gym.

Bad Goal-Setting

It can be difficult to establish appropriate goals in the gym as a beginner, which, in turn, makes it all the more likely you’ll give up, stop showing up, or hurt yourself overdoing it. A personal trainer can help you figure out where you currently stand in fitness, look at where you want to go, and help you plot a set of goals that are challenging but reasonable.

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