Benefits of Russian Kettlebell Training

The sheer amount of fitness products that are currently available can make the journey to becoming healthier quite confusing. Many people look around the gym at a loss of where to even begin and which weights, machines, or classes will help them meet their own goals. While everyone’s needs are slightly different, it may be time to take a fresh look at Russian kettlebells and see how they can help you become faster, stronger, and more flexible than ever.

Functional Workouts

When it comes to making gains as quickly as possible, there is quite a bit of difference between functional workouts and isolated workouts. Isolated workouts are the traditional movements such as a bicep curl that exclusively works one muscle at a time. These have been extremely popular for many years and can be adopted into any routine, but functional workouts are often more effective for total body training. For Russian kettlebells, this comes down to their ergonomic grip and the shape of the weight that allows you to fluidly alter its position in your hand as you carry out compound movements.

Burn More Calories

For many years, it was believed that grueling cardio workouts were the most effective option for burning calories and losing weight. Health enthusiasts would often find themselves spending 60 minutes or longer swimming, biking, or running, but recent studies show that cardio might not be the most efficient way to lose weight. Swinging Russian kettlebells can burn as much as 20 calories a minute, or the same as a light jog. When combined with other high-intensity workouts, these weights can be used by anyone that is looking to shed some pounds as quickly as possible.

Improved Flexibility

Improving your flexibility is one of the most important aspects of a well-rounded fitness program. Those that are more flexible will be able to extend their range of motion with every single movement that they make. The farther you are able to extend a muscle, the harder you will be able to work that muscle. In addition to helping you work more efficiently, your flexibility also plays a role in how susceptible you are to injuries. Stiffer tendons, ligaments, and muscles will drastically increase the risk of tears and sprains, and fluid kettlebell movements could help you avoid these issues.

Less Equipment, Shorter Workouts

An incredible amount of time can be wasted during a workout simply moving between machines and weights. In fact, you will often spend more time walking around the gym or switching out weights in your home than actually exercising. With kettlebells, on the other hand, you may only need just a handful of weights for your entire workout session. These unique weights can be used for everything from heavy lifting and cardio training to dynamic stretches and high-intensity interval training. Shorter workouts without sacrificing the quality of your exercise means less time in the gym.

Russian Kettlebell at Zero Gravity

At Zero Gravity Fitness in Ocoee, we offer Russian kettlebell training to help you reach your fitness goals. We provide group fitness classes to help you get the most out of your workout as well to educate you on proper form, technique, and effective movements. Contact Zero Gravity Fitness to schedule your complimentary consultation and our trainers can help create a fitness plan for your needs.