The Benefits of Sports Specific Strength Training Classes

Regardless of age and ability, all competitive athletes need to do certain things in order to be successful in their sport. Unfortunately, many passionate individuals simply rush to the field or court without taking the time that is needed to strengthen their bodies and live a healthy lifestyle. In order to prevent common strains, sprains and other injuries, as well as take your game to the next level, it’s critical for players to be strong and flexible. This is where the sports specific strength training classes at Zero Gravity Fitness can help.

The purpose of a stretch is to loosen up muscles, ligaments and tendons that might be in a static phase when at rest. All of these anatomical structures can be somewhat rigid and inelastic in cold temperatures. Prolonged inactivity can also cause muscles and supporting attachments to temporarily “freeze” up. For example, sitting for several hours can cause the legs and spinal column to become relatively stiff. Athletes surely need to avoid any sedentary habits immediately before attempting to play sports. Our specialists can help advise you on steps to take in this regard.

Playing contact sports comes with a high risk of moderate to severe injuries. An athlete who gets hit hard in the head needs to disengage from a game or practice as soon as possible. Athletes shouldn’t let their pride and passion interfere with making rational health decisions on the field or court. With the proper strength training for your sport of choice, you can make sure you are strong and flexible enough to play at peak performance without injuring yourself.

Although they might seem mild in severity, muscle strains and sprains can cause long-term pain and other complications. Athletes sometimes falsely believe that an instant dose of painkillers could resolve a pulled muscle. By returning to a game after taking a quick application of medication, a player will only exacerbate the degree of trauma in a muscle. Painkillers temporarily disable sensations of discomfort, but they don’t help with the regeneration and recovery of soft tissue that’s damaged. But when you are strong and flexible before you even participate in the sport, this will help to protect your body from unnecessary harm.

At Zero Gravity Fitness in Ocoee, we proudly offer customized sports specific training programs for men and women who really want to get their head in the game. It is important to understand that our strength and flexibility sports training programs are tailored for the individual. Your program may include strength training, Pilates, yoga, nutritional counseling and more. Contact us today to schedule a consultation to learn more about our sports specific strength training classes!