The Best Workouts for Problem Areas

We all have problem areas on our bodies that we wish to improve on. Whether it be trimming the fat, toning up, or adding muscle in certain places, there are certain exercises and workouts that specifically target those areas and provide us with a more efficient way to reach our workout goals. If you’re looking for a full-body workout routine in Orlando, you may want to consider breaking it down into some of the common problem areas.


If you want to lose belly fat, you may want to try certain cardiovascular exercises. However, everyone is unique, and that’s why our team is here to assist you. While high-intensity workouts can be beneficial to weight loss, low-intensity workouts can be just as beneficial when done continuously and are easier to do so you’re less likely to become unmotivated. Of course, it’s important to know the proper way to engage in these workouts for optimal weight loss.


There are a large variety of exercises you can do to build up arm muscle, including exercises that involve the use of machines or equipment, and some that involve just the use of your body. For those who like to use dumbbells, this may be a great option. Other workouts that are great for the arms include Pilates and yoga, just to name a couple.


You can’t mention a leg workout without paying tribute to the classic squat. But again, this isn’t the only option for achieving strong and toned legs. Pilates, yoga, and other workouts that may involve a combination of techniques and tools can be very effective.

Various exercises and workout programs that we offer at Zero Gravity Fitness will have you well on your way to the body that you have worked so hard to achieve. If you’re in search of an environment and a team that will keep you motivated and will nurture you, we invite you to set up a consultation with our experts in Ocoee. We offer a number of plans and classes, including personal training, and we are ready to help you with your problem areas. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!