What is Body Shock Training?

Body shock training uses a multidimensional approach to workout routines in order to overcome a phenomena known as a “plateau” in fitness circles. A plateau occurs when you no longer shed weight toward your goal, despite working out regularly and consuming a consistently healthy diet. One of the main reasons for this slowdown in weight loss is that your body becomes used to your workout routine and is slower to respond. A sure way to overcome this resistance is to change things up. That’s where body shock training comes into play.

About Body Shock Training

Body shock training is comprised of a number of fitness programs meant to work together to increase your body’s overall stamina, strength and agility. It involves a combination of free weight training and sports drills that are tailored to your specific physical needs and goals. It is an intense program that isn’t meant for beginners or for those who have been away from the gym for a while.

Body shock training works best for individuals who have been working out regularly, but are no longer seeing the results they once achieved. In addition, its routines are highly cardiovascular based. Participation in body shock training will lead to advances in your whole body health.

What to Expect

As mentioned, body shock training is meant for hardcore fitness participants who are already in good shape. The point of the routines is to “shock” your body past its resistance through a series of non-stop, intense exercises. The format of body shock is two days on, then two days off. You will work out with extreme intensity for two days, focusing on a specific body part each day. Then you’ll take a two-day break. After which, you’ll focus on a new body part, completing eight sets of eight reps with rest periods that last no more than 30 seconds.

This program is designed to be a temporary kick start to your fitness routine and usually only lasts between one and three months. It’s important to note that you will increase the difficulty of your exercises every two weeks until the end of your program.

Benefits of Body Shock Training

Of course, one of the most sought-after benefits of this sensation is to overcome your weight loss plateau. There are lots of other advantages, as well. Body shock training will help you to gain confidence. When you challenge yourself to complete such intense workouts, you will know that you are strong and able to accomplish new activities. Soon, you’ll beat the resistance of your plateau.

Setting and reaching goals is a great way to increase your self-esteem. As mentioned earlier, your overall health will benefit through participation in this program. You’ll be stronger with higher endurance and ready to face the next fitness challenge you set for yourself.

Can Body Shock Training Benefit You?

If your current workout regimen is becoming boring and ineffective, it’s time to shake things up. Body shock training at Zero Gravity Fitness is a strategic way to make a change and to reach your goals successfully. Contact us today to schedule your appointment at our office in Ocoee to learn more.