Build Physical and Mental Strength with Yoga

You may have heard that yoga is a great exercise and while that’s definitely true, it’s likely you’re not aware of just how many benefits the practice can offer you when it comes to overall health and well-being. Regular yoga instruction from a qualified teacher is the best way to reap the rewards of this ancient exercise and meditation form. It’s important to learn the correct form and technique involved in each pose, and repetition is required to gain full exposure to the range of motion encountered in each pose.

About Yoga      

Yoga originated in India approximately 5,000 years ago. It is a form of practice that includes both physical and mental components. In fact, one translation of the word yoga is “union.” This refers to the connection that exists between the body, mind and spirit. Therefore, it’s no wonder there are both emotional and physical benefits of the exercise. Its purpose was to encompass the practitioner as a whole and not merely one aspect of being. Poses, breathing exercises and meditation comprise yoga, and it is practiced in several forms. Some are more gentle in nature, while others can be quite strenuous.

Physical Benefits

A variety of bodily systems can be affected through yoga, including skin, circulatory, muscular, skeletal, respiratory, digestive, nervous and reproductive. One of the main benefits is increased flexibility because the practice keeps joints, limbs and tendons limber. Striking and holding yoga poses also improves muscle strength and tone, along with balance. Surprising health benefits have been shown to occur with regular activity. The weight bearing exercises of yoga lead to increased bone density and better skeletal alignment. Relief of headaches and backaches occur due to the relaxation and core strengthening the practice offers. Overall reduction of pain associated with various medical conditions has been seen in relation to yoga’s meditative component. Improved heart health comes from the lowered heart rate and decreased blood pressure that the exercise delivers. Even your immune system can be strengthened.

Mental Benefits

Reduced stress and improved focus are a product of engaging in yoga. These benefits are attributed to the practice of meditation that is involved, as it allows you to be mindful and gain better control of your thoughts. Lowered anxiety is another benefit you can expect. Some believe that these combined gains help to improve learning ability. Improved core strength, flexibility and mental awareness can help you to gain an overall higher sense of self-confidence. This improved self-awareness often leads to better health decisions in general. Yoga is an intentional practice that makes you aware of your body’s movements, which can improve body satisfaction.

As you can see, there are numerous benefits to be gained through regular yoga practice. This article merely scratches the surface of potential. Give it a try with our team of instructors at Zero Gravity Fitness in Ocoee if you are looking for a way to improve your health, mind and spirit.