Why You Should Try Group Fitness Classes

Being healthy is a great lifestyle. There are many benefits to eating right and staying fit. For many people, one of the best ways they can help take off pounds and keep the weight off is by joining a group fitness class. There are a number of reasons why group fitness classes can be beneficial.

At Zero Gravity Fitness in Ocoee, we offer a variety of group fitness classes to help keep you active, motivated and having fun. We know that not everyone likes to exercise, so we try to offer different types of workout classes, so you can find what works best for you. We encourage you to try out different things to find out what you really enjoy. To find out more about the classes we offer and our schedules, contact Zero Gravity Fitness today.

The first reason why people should join a fitness class is that it keeps individuals active. It can be extremely easy for people to make promises about going to a fitness center to work out every other day. People make pacts and promises like that every year. Some decide to spend a lot of money by joining a fitness club, but they never enter the building. Joining a fitness class keeps people active, as they have to move their bodies for a certain amount of time.

People need accountability when exercising, and being part of fitness classes provides individuals with the accountability that is needed. Many classes have a limited amount of individuals that can join a group. The reason for this is that it enables instructors to get to know a class, and it enables classmates to get to know each other. Friendships can be formed as people stretch and work themselves to become healthier. There is a sense of camaraderie when people come together and work to achieve similar results. They begin to bond and look forward to working towards the same goal. People do not want to let classmates down, and the accountability can be positive and encouraging instead of demoralizing. Accountability can work quite well for people of many different ages.

A final reason why to join a group fitness class is that it keeps people in a habit of healthy activity. Habits can be difficult to break, but a group fitness class can be an excellent habit to have for people who desire to have a healthy lifestyle. Individuals can get into the habit of always spending time on a specific day or days working out in a group. A good habit can be difficult to start, but a group fitness class can be a catalyst to make it happen.

A group fitness class can be a great way for an individual, couple or family to stay fit. Group fitness classes help people burn off calories, lose weight and create a healthy feeling that is difficult to describe. Although there may be an initial desire to quit a class quickly, there are great rewards for those who choose to see it through.

Toning Your Body with Cardio Barre Classes

Cardio barre classes are growing to become one of the best ways to tone your body and get your body to its best shape. If you’re looking to remove excess fat, increase stamina and build muscle tone, cardio barre may be your best bet at looking your best. For a lot of people, working out isn’t just about losing weight. They also want to add muscle tone and definition. With cardio barre classes, you can get all of that.

At Zero Gravity Fitness in Ocoee, we offer a variety of group fitness classes to help you get in shape. You can choose the types of workouts you like most – Pilates, kettlebell, cardio barre, etc. – so you can actually have fun working out. We’ve found that enjoying your workout is a key factor in your consistency. Contact Zero Gravity Fitness today to schedule your appointment with one of our fitness staff members. We can answer any questions you may have, and help you find the perfect workout regimen for your needs.

What Are Cardio Barre Classes?

This class focuses primarily on enhancing the body through a series of exercises standing up and on the floor using a ballet barre. Ballet is a tough and beautiful form of art that requires extreme hard work and dedication, and cardio barre classes integrate a part of ballet into a uniquely shaped workout. It tones, strengthens, and works on your core and overall strength throughout your body. Using different additional workouts away from the barre while utilizing others forms of exercising like stretching and typical bodyweight exercises.

Does It Build Strength And More Agility?

Since it involves plenty of ballet workouts and movements, it will be working every part of your body while also developing more strength. It helps with developing better core strength as well as helping the body build muscle tone. Classes involve floor exercises and upright ballet movements to work the arms, legs, abs and upper body – it’s a whole body workout. Added benefits include better concentration, stability, and balance.

Benefits of Ballet Barre Class

Fast Paced Cardio

It is vital that you think about the hard work involved with doing this form of cardio. There is a lot of quick movements that go from one exercise to the next, and this ballet type workout does exactly this.

Customized Workout

While each class is usually the same and does everything in order, you’ll find that this form of exercise gives you a great way to work on all areas of your body, including the mind.

These cardio workouts take the artistic development of ballet and the fast paced cardio exercises into one big workout to help you lose weight, get toned, and strengthened your entire body. We like to keep our classes small and intimate, so you’ll always get some personal attention from the instructor.

Benefits of Kettlebell Training

The kettlebell has many critics, but a lot of people are discovering a wealth of benefits to using it. Some critics have even gone as far as to dismiss the kettlebell as a passing trend. However, once you start training with one, you will discover the truth.

Zero Gravity Fitness in Ocoee, FL, offers Russian Kettlebell training programs to help you build strength and endurance. We offer both individual sessions and group fitness classes to help you get the most out of your workout. To schedule your kettlebell session, contact Zero Gravity Fitness today.

Improved Range Of Motion

If you’re like thousands of individuals, then you could benefit from increased range of motion. You’ll have much more fun living your daily life when you can move freely and with no pain.

As you age, your body will start to stiffen up. It will feel like you can’t do many of the activities that you used to do easily. By training with a kettlebell, you can increase your maximum range of motion.

A kettlebell can keep your body moving and feeling loose, which greatly decreases the risk of injury. The moves performed with a kettlebell will greatly improve your flexibility and joint health. Snatches and Turkish getups are some of the top swings performed with a kettlebell.

Burn More Calories

This is especially beneficial if you’re trying to lose weight. Recent studies show that you can burn about 20 calories per minute by swinging a kettlebell, which is the same rate of calorie burn that you can expect from running.
With a 20 minute workout, you could burn nearly 400 calories. The difference between burning calories with a kettlebell or burning them through other activities is fun. Most people would agree that a kettlebell is fun to use.

A Complete Workout

If you think about gaining strength, then you probably think about lifting weights. The thought of cardio might have you envisioning activities like swimming, biking and running.
You might link improved flexibility with yoga. A kettlebell combines flexibility, cardio and strength training. Kettlebell training has a ballistic nature, so it involves all of the different forms of fitness.

Improved Functionality

A kettlebell can improve your overall functionality, so it will become easier for you to handle daily activities. When you train with a kettlebell, it strengthens the muscles used for everyday tasks. An example would be improving your ability to lift a shopping bag.

Only One

If you want to train with traditional weights, then you need several different weights. Bodybuilders might have to purchase 30 or more weights.

For cardio, you would need to buy a variety of products and gear. One of the greatest benefits of using a kettlebell is the fact that you only need one. You can use a single kettlebell to get all of the benefits of flexibility, cardio and strength training, so you can save money, space and time.

Handling Gravity

Another benefit of using a kettlebell is the fact that it teaches you how to deal with an ever-changing center of gravity. A kettlebell has a center of gravity that is around six to eight inches outside of your normal grip, which simulates forces encountered during daily living.

Three Tips for Beginning your Barre Workout

Were you once a little girl in a pink leotard and ballet slippers? Or did you simply want to be that little girl, or better yet, the swan in Swan Lake or the Sugar Plum fairy? While it may be too late to realize your ballet dreams, it’s never too late to reap the benefits of a ballet-inspired workout, thanks to our Barre Fusion classes.

These classes allow you to do it all – burn fat, sculpt muscles and build a longer, leaner physique. It’s no wonder that fabulously fit people like Madonna, Jennifer Aniston, Kristin Bell, and even The Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders use barre classes to stay fit.

Sound intriguing? Here are three facts to keep in mind:

It truly is for everyone: That is to say, everyone who wants a hardcore workout that will improve strength, balance and flexibility, and leave you looking leaner and longer. You don’t need to have taken a ballet class or even to have set eyes on a barre. In our small, intimate classes, your instructor will guide you through every step of this amazing workout.

It’s Not Cross Fit: Much like Pilates, barre classes will require you to execute small movements precisely and with good form. You will isolate and work specific muscle groups, including ones you don’t usually use. Your workout won’t focus on how many reps you can do in a minute or how much weight you can pull. But it will burn. And tone. Trust us.

It will make you shake: Especially during those first few classes, the strain you put on overlooked and underworked muscle groups will leave you quivering from the challenge. Don’t worry. This workout is hard for even the most dedicated gym rat. Be assured that the shakes will subside, leaving you with visibly better tone, strength and elongation.

Still not convinced? Consider just a few other benefits of using barre. It’s low impact, so it won’t strain or damage your joints. It will not increase bulk. It gets at those areas that women, in particular, struggle with: Hips, thighs, abdominals, and arms.

Perhaps best of all, it offers mind-body benefits similar to those felt to yoga and/ or meditation. For that one hour of barre exercise, your mind will be totally focused – but not on your life or your problems.

That’s it. A transformed body and a serene mind, all in under an hour. What’s not to love? Come in and try one of our classes. We promise you you’ll feel the burn – and maybe even love it.

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