Benefits of Kettlebell Training

The kettlebell has many critics, but a lot of people are discovering a wealth of benefits to using it. Some critics have even gone as far as to dismiss the kettlebell as a passing trend. However, once you start training with one, you will discover the truth.

Zero Gravity Fitness in Ocoee, FL, offers Russian Kettlebell training programs to help you build strength and endurance. We offer both individual sessions and group fitness classes to help you get the most out of your workout. To schedule your kettlebell session, contact Zero Gravity Fitness today.

Improved Range Of Motion

If you’re like thousands of individuals, then you could benefit from increased range of motion. You’ll have much more fun living your daily life when you can move freely and with no pain.

As you age, your body will start to stiffen up. It will feel like you can’t do many of the activities that you used to do easily. By training with a kettlebell, you can increase your maximum range of motion.

A kettlebell can keep your body moving and feeling loose, which greatly decreases the risk of injury. The moves performed with a kettlebell will greatly improve your flexibility and joint health. Snatches and Turkish getups are some of the top swings performed with a kettlebell.

Burn More Calories

This is especially beneficial if you’re trying to lose weight. Recent studies show that you can burn about 20 calories per minute by swinging a kettlebell, which is the same rate of calorie burn that you can expect from running.
With a 20 minute workout, you could burn nearly 400 calories. The difference between burning calories with a kettlebell or burning them through other activities is fun. Most people would agree that a kettlebell is fun to use.

A Complete Workout

If you think about gaining strength, then you probably think about lifting weights. The thought of cardio might have you envisioning activities like swimming, biking and running.
You might link improved flexibility with yoga. A kettlebell combines flexibility, cardio and strength training. Kettlebell training has a ballistic nature, so it involves all of the different forms of fitness.

Improved Functionality

A kettlebell can improve your overall functionality, so it will become easier for you to handle daily activities. When you train with a kettlebell, it strengthens the muscles used for everyday tasks. An example would be improving your ability to lift a shopping bag.

Only One

If you want to train with traditional weights, then you need several different weights. Bodybuilders might have to purchase 30 or more weights.

For cardio, you would need to buy a variety of products and gear. One of the greatest benefits of using a kettlebell is the fact that you only need one. You can use a single kettlebell to get all of the benefits of flexibility, cardio and strength training, so you can save money, space and time.

Handling Gravity

Another benefit of using a kettlebell is the fact that it teaches you how to deal with an ever-changing center of gravity. A kettlebell has a center of gravity that is around six to eight inches outside of your normal grip, which simulates forces encountered during daily living.

Kettlebells – Twice the Workout in Half the Time

In the past few years, elite boutique gyms like Zero Gravity and the best personal trainers have been preaching the gospel of Kettlebell training. Want to know why?

Kettlebell classes work all the major muscle groups of your body simultaneously, and give you a full-body workout with almost every exercise. Because Kettlebell exercises don’t isolate muscle groups like traditional weightlifting, your heart rate goes up — and stays up — throughout the workout.

Because of these facts, Kettlebells offer a major fat-burning and body-toning routine. In one recent study conducted by the highly respected American Council on Exercise, Kettlebell exercise participants burned approximately 20 calories per minute! Yes, you read that right – per minute!!!

Still not convinced? Here are just a few reasons to try our Kettlebell classes:

  • Big results in less time. Kettlebell training demands that you build BOTH strength and cardiovascular capacity at the same time. This means you’re getting get almost twice the workout in half the time.
  • Full-body conditioning: Kettlebells offer what fitness trainers call a functional work out. Instead of working one muscle group, Kettlebell exercises require continuous engagement of many muscle groups and thus better overall fitness.
  • Increased strength without increased mass. Kettlebell exercises will make your body lean and toned, but not bulky—a benefit that appeals to women and men alike.
  • Increased endurance, flexibility and core stability. Kettlebell exercises take you through a wider range of motion than dumbbell-based exercises, all while engaging your core and increasing your heart rate. Triple benefit.
  • Major calorie burning. See all of the above.

To read even more about the proven benefits of Kettlebells (such as reduced musco-skeletal pain, increased agility and improved balance, to name a few), see this page from Kettlebellscience.

But don’t try to do it on your own. To make the most of Kettlebells, and to avoid poor form and injuries, proper instruction is critical. We offer the best. Just check out our schedule to find a Kettlebell class that works for you.

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