Pilates and Golf

Practicing Pilates can help you boost your performance in just about any sport, and more and more golfers are turning to Pilates to lower their scores and improve their games.

The PGA’s website reports that most of the tour’s golfers are exercising to improve their golf games. Many – including Tiger Woods, Rich Beam and Annika Sorenstam – have used Pilates during their careers.

Golfers, from weekend players to the elite professionals, have learned that Pilates helps reduce the risk of injuries and strengthens parts of the body they use over the course of 18 holes.

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Golf swings can be complex, full-body movements that many players struggle to perfect and repeat on a consistent basis. For right-handed swings, the left side of the body, which leads the swing, is more apt to be injured than the right side. The opposite holds true for lefty swingers.

Playing golf impacts the body in ways that can lead to injuries – both acute and chronic.

The good news is preventive measures can decrease the risk of golf-related injuries to the shoulders, back, elbows, wrists and hands.

Keeping the proper dynamic posture and spine angle should help decrease strain on the lower back and improve shoulder stability. Proper swing mechanics call for strength, a strong core and flexibility.

These can all be gained by using specific Pilates exercises offered at Zero Gravity Fitness. Combine this with help from a PGA teaching professional and your golf game should improve, giving you the edge successful golfers need.

Joseph Pilates developed the exercise regimen that bears his name. Pilates principles match up well with golf. Because of its effectiveness and popularity, Pilates is among the fastest growing workout programs in the world. Pilates both lengthens and strengthens muscles while building a balanced body and stronger core.

Like a golf swing, Pilates is a whole-body exercise. Pilates stresses proper integration of breath control, strength, flexibility, and precision and body awareness.

When awareness of moving from your core first develops, golfers can begin every shot from the same place. This leads to consistent shots and putts – and lower scores.

Pilates is great for golfers because it mirrors functional golf positions that are related to various phases of swings.

Here is a great golf Pilates exercise you can try.

The move known as the roll down to push up may appear to be a traditional push up, but it’s not. The rolling down and walking out in exercise calls for balance, flexibility, strength and stability.

Begin the exercise by standing with your feet about hip-width apart. Use proper posture with abdominals pulled in and shoulders held down. Inhale. When you exhale, bow your head and roll down your spine until your hands touch the floor. You can bend your knees if needed.

Then walk out hand after hand until your body is in a straight push up position. Breathe. Keep your buttocks squeezed and abs engaged. Remember to inhale when you bend your elbows until your chest is close to the mat. Exhale and extend your arms.

Repeat this three to five times.

If you are looking for ways to improve your golf game – and your overall health, consider Pilates.

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