Different Variations of Kettlebell Training

Designed to look like a mini bowling ball or cannon ball with handles, a kettlebell can be an invaluable tool to use to stay in shape. You can learn to use this weight to your advantage by trying out any of the many variations of kettlebell training exercises. We proudly offer kettlebell training classes at Zero Gravity Fitness. During one of these classes, you can see for yourself the different variations of exercises. They are all designed to address certain issues.

The Russian kettlebell swing works out key areas of your body like your shoulders, back, hips and legs. To do this variation of a kettlebell training exercise, it is important to make sure that you keep your glutes and your core engaged. As you can imagine, this exercise helps to tone these areas.

The single arm swing involves using one arm to swing the kettlebell. It works out your shoulders, back, hips, glutes and legs. During this exercise, you would grab the kettlebell with one hand and swing it forward. You would swing the other arm as well to help increase and maintain the power and speed of the exercise.

The kettlebell figure 8 exercise looks a lot like the classic figure 8 basketball warm-up exercise. To do this work-out, a person would stand upright with the feet hip distance apart. This exercise works out the arms, back and abdomen. It is designed for intermediate kettlebell users.

The kettlebell goblet squat exercise involves moving into a squatting position while holding the kettlebell. It works out your legs, glutes and abdomen and is designed for intermediate users.

Kettlebells are useful hand weights that help work out key areas of your body. You can tone your muscles, build up strength and improve your overall appearance by trying out these variations of kettlebell training exercises.

At Zero Gravity Fitness, we offer complimentary consultation for kettlebell training classes. During this consultation with us in Ocoee, you can learn more about the many benefits of kettlebell training. This is an amazing exercise option that offers total body improvement. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and get started!