Discover How Yoga Can Improve Your Life

Yoga offers multiple physical and mental benefits. It combines the various poses with meditation and deep breathing to help you feel calmer and more relaxed. The poses themselves help strengthen the muscles and increase flexibility. The different poses enable you to exercise different muscle groups. Throughout the exercise you are using the weight of your own body to strengthen your muscles, rather than free weights or machines.

This exercise is also highly versatile; there are over 100 types. Consequently, people of all skill levels may practice yoga; they just have to pick the right type. Some forms are slow and gentle, while others are faster and more intense. Yoga is a low-impact exercise, which means it doesn’t put a lot of stress on the joints.

Who Can Practice Yoga?

Just about anybody can practice it. People with health conditions should talk to our medical professionals to help choose the right type and learn if there are any poses they should avoid. For instance, our doctor may recommend that a patient with heart disease or high blood pressure avoid poses that require being upside-down.

Pregnant women should avoid bikram or “hot” yoga that involves exercising in a hot room. They should also seek out an instructor with experience in prenatal yoga.

As a low-impact exercise, these classes can help people with arthritis stay flexible and strong without stressing their joints. It is not an aerobic exercise, but people doing the faster-moving types will work up a sweat. Anybody doing the slower-moving types of exercises should add an aerobic exercise like swimming or walking to their exercise regime.

Chair Yoga

In chair yoga you are either sitting in a chair or using the chair for support while standing. It can help people who have mobility issues, and it can also be done at home or at the office. Like other types of this exercise, chair yoga increases flexibility and strength and decreases stress. It also eases strain on muscles and joints.

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