Does Prenatal Pilates Really Make a Difference?

Many women do one of two things with their exercise regimens when they become pregnant. They either quit exercising altogether because they feel so tired and sore, or they over-exercise in an attempt to keep weight gain low. While neither of these extremes is healthy, it is healthy to continue exercising gently while pregnant. It is good for your physical health as well as for your emotional and mental health as exercise lets out “feel-good” hormones. Plus, the right kind of exercise can actually minimize your aches and pains. Prenatal Pilates can offer a good balance for exercise.

The right type of exercise for you during pregnancy is one that is not too intense, that does not put unnecessary pressure on your joints and that ensures that your baby stays healthy throughout the time. When done correctly with a few modifications, Pilates is an excellent choice during pregnancy and even beyond because of its many key benefits.

Prenatal Pilates Decreases Discomfort
There can be many uncomfortable parts to pregnancy, such as back, hip and feet discomfort from the added weight. Prenatal Pilates focuses on improving your core posture and strength so that you can hold your body correctly and in proper alignment especially as your belly grows larger.

Prenatal Pilates Strengthens Important Muscles
Strength is just as important as proper body alignment is during pregnancy especially in your core. Pilates focuses on strengthening all the muscles of your abdomen, including your obliques and your transverse abdominal muscles while also strengthening your muscles in your buttocks. A strong buttocks helps decrease lower back discomfort.

Prenatal Pilates Improves Flexibility and Balance
Much like yoga, many movements in Pilates focus on stretching the body. The hamstrings, back and abdomen are most frequently stretched. Plus, improved core strength can improve balance by offsetting the new weight in the belly.

Prenatal Pilates Helps with Breathing
Controlled breathing is important when giving birth, and you can learn much with controlled breathing during Pilates classes. You will also learn how to breath deeply, which is important when your baby begins to take up extra space.

Prenatal Pilates Helps with Weight Control
Weight gain is a normal, healthy part of any pregnancy. However, if you overeat, eat poor calorie choices or fail to exercise, you may find yourself gaining more than is healthy. Pilates can help you maintain a healthy weight, which can decrease your chance of having gestational diabetes.

Prenatal Pilates Improves Postpartum Recovery
A healthy body recovers quickly after strain. You may find that your postpartum recovery period is fast and comfortable because of how strong and flexible your body was before giving birth.

In short, prenatal Pilates can help you feel healthier and more like yourself while you are pregnant, can make labor and delivery easier on you and can help your abdominal and pelvic muscles heal faster during the postpartum period while also helping you maintain an appropriate weight. The experts at Zero Gravity Fitness would love to meet with you to further discuss how prenatal Pilates can benefit you. Contact our office today to schedule a consultation! We are conveniently located in Ocoee, FL.