Enjoying the Benefits of Body Shock Training

In nature, the human body is trained to respond to every stimulus. For instance, after a training session, the body responds to the amount of stress placed on it by adding an increased amount of muscles to the target body area. However, if the stimulus is always steady, the body becomes used to it with time, hence, building of muscles will plateau. A plateau is a period of stagnation where you no longer lose weight despite a regular workout and consistent healthy diet because your body is already conditioned to the routine. That’s where body shock training can help.

Body shock training involves increasing the amount of resistance along with variation in a work regimen to increase the body’s overall strength, agility, and stamina. It entails combining some free weight training as well as sports drills tailored to the specific physical needs of an individual.

Who is Eligible for Body Shock Training?

This type of training is only meant for fitness participants who are used to working out but not for starters. As outlined earlier, the purpose of body shock training is to do just that; shock the body out of its comfort zone. Therefore, it is most eligible but not limited to mixed martial artists, bodybuilders, fitness competitors, powerlifters and competitive athletes. Usually, a body shock training plan goes for multiple months with increased intensity of exercise after every two weeks or so.

What are the Benefits?

The primary goal of body shock training is to overcome a weight loss plateau. Body shock training helps to overcome a plateau by maximizing exercise intensity to have a steady increase in muscle mass.

Body shock training can also increase your self-confidence. It ensures that there is measurable progress in your workout, which helps to keep you energized and interested in achieving your body goals. It also helps to build your endurance, focus, and strength in and out of the gym.

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