February 2024 Newsletter

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ZGF BINGO Returns- Get ready to challenge yourself by attending a variety of classes. To play, pick up a Bingo card at the front desk. Complete a row across, down or diagonally to win. ZGF Bingo starts Mon, Feb. 5 and includes all Group Reformer and Group Fitness Classes. Bingo winners receive 1 free Group Fitness Class that must be used by March 31. All Bingo winners will be entered into the Grand Prize Raffle drawing to be held March 1. 

Group Reformer Pop Up Classes- We will hold one Pop Up class per week in February, class day, time and instructor is to be announced each week. A Pop Up Class is a surprise chance to get an extra workout in your week. Attend a Pop Up class and you get a square signed on your Bingo sheet. Follow Zero Gravity Fitness on Instagram and Facebook to see the Pop Up class of the week. Then, just sign up for the Pop Up class on the ZGF App! 

The Power of Pumping Iron:  How Weight Training Boosts Weight Loss 

When it comes to weight loss, most people think of cardio exercises as the go-to option. While cardiovascular workouts are indeed essential, weight training, also known as resistance or strength training, is often overlooked. Muscle tissue burns more calories at rest than fat tissue. By engaging in regular weight training, you increase your muscle mass. This increase in muscle mass elevates your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR), meaning you burn more calories even when you’re not exercising. This continuous calorie burn is instrumental in shedding excess weight and maintaining a healthy body composition. 

Incorporating weight training into your fitness routine sounds easy and at ZGF we aspire to support and guide you in your health and fitness goals. Having someone who can develop a multifaceted approach that best suits your weight loss goals is often key to success. Ask to speak with one of our experienced Personal Trainers. Combine weight training with a balanced diet and regular cardiovascular exercises, and you’ll not only shed unwanted pounds but also sculpt a stronger, healthier, and more confident version of yourself. 

-Submitted by Leo Acioli 
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Lisa’s Handstand Goal – A Client Success Story 

Lisa has been coming to Zero Gravity Fitness since  its inception. She has attended Group Reformer Pilates classes multiple times a week and private personal training sessions. Additionally, she has sprinkled in private Pilates sessions to sharpen her practice on the large equipment, including Pilates exercises on the Cadillac, Trapeze, Chair and Ladder Barrel. 

“I have been a ZGF client for almost 20 years. I love the boutique feeling at the gym, and all of the trainers have been exceptionally professional and passionate. 

Several months before my 60th birthday, I set a goal of doing a free- standing handstand. I worked with Sean, who was incredibly patient, and he developed a personal training routine to address the skill set required for a handstand. He helped me break down each component, and coached me through the necessary strength and mental elements. My next goal is more proficiency at jumping rope.”

Do you need help meeting Leo’s challenge, call to schedule a private session where we will work with you to learn the necessary steps. If you’re ready, then join Leo’s challenge on Instagram & Facebook by following these steps: 

1) Video yourself completing the challenge 
2) Post your video on your IG/FB 
3) Tag us @ZeroGravityFit, include hashtag #comeexperiencezgfdifference.