Get Great Results with Low-Impact Pilates

Many exercise programs out there are quite effective at helping people lose weight, get toned and improve their overall health. Many of these programs require participants to engage in strenuous movements that are high-impact.

Some of them rely on muscle confusion to cause the body to continually grow muscle mass. While these workouts are great for some people, for others they are just too high-impact.

Low-impact Pilates, on the other hand, allows people to lose weight and build muscle without causing injury to their joints.

Pilates is designed to stabilize a person’s core. It does this by having the person engage in repetitive movements in a specific order. Body exercises have descriptive, yet inventive names, such as the elephant or the swan.

When a person sees someone do low-impact Pilates, it appears that the movements are very simple. However, when that individual tries the low-impact Pilates themselves, they realize that it requires control and precision.

Completing a Pilates workout is not the same as laying on the floor and doing hundreds of crunches. To be successful, low-impact Pilates must be done using the proper technique.

One of the benefits of low-impact Pilates is that it can be done anywhere. A person can go to a class and do it with other participants, or they can practice under the supervision of a trainer.

Low-impact Pilates is also a perfect way for someone who is recovering from an injury to regain their strength and get moving again.

Low-impact Pilates helps a person to develop strength, sculpt their muscles, improve their flexibility and improve their posture. The effects are seen on the inside as well as the outside.

Many Pilates participants comment that they feel more confident and experience a greater sense of well-being after regaining their strength and becoming more flexible.

Low-impact Pilates is not designed to be the type of exercise that will leave the practitioner sweaty and hot. The goal is to concentrate on breathing and to feel the muscles work as you go through the exercise. It is designed to target the core, glutes, and legs.

Instead of using weights, low-impact Pilates relies on an individual using their body weight to build the muscle they need. Joint mobility and flexibility are at the heart of Pilates.

Pilates is perfect for beginners. As a person advances, the movements they make become more challenging.

Low-impact Pilates requires very little in the form of equipment. The most important piece of equipment for Pilates is a mat and in some instances a reformer machine.

Low-impact Pilates is a great way for a person to get fit, who is recovering from an injury, is new to exercise or wants to avoid the joint stress of high-impact workouts.

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