Get the Most Out of Your Workout with Body Shock Training

If you have been exercising on a regular basis and are already in good shape, you have probably reached a point of standstill. This is what fitness experts call a fitness plateau. It doesn’t matter what kind of exercise you have chosen. Weight training and cardiovascular exercises done by most health enthusiasts can only offer so much unless the stakes are raised. Body shock training at Zero Gravity Fitness may offer a way off this plateau.

What is Body Shock Training?

Simply adding a little variety to your workout regimen can solve the fitness plateau problem. If you perform the same exercise routines every time, your body will get used to it. If you lift weights or do strength training exercises, you will notice that they become less challenging, even if you add to the number of sets and increase the number of repetitions. The same kind of thing is true when it comes to aerobic exercises.

It can be difficult to think of ways of changing your exercise routine. Starting in simple ways can make the process easier.

  • Add more reps to your weight training exercises.
  • Change the kind of weight training exercises you do. A change in motion can make all the difference.
  • If you have been jogging on mostly flat terrain, try going uphill in a different area of town you’re not used to.
  • Try another kind of aerobic exercise you’re not used to or have never tried before.

These are options for getting started right away. Let us guide you to the right kind of body shock training. First, let us introduce you to a way of exercising that will do more than just challenge you.

Have you ever noticed the differences between sprinters and long-distance runners? Long distance runners are almost always thin and have longer, leaner muscular frames. Sprinters, on the other hand, have more muscle mass with chiseled muscular features. This is because they run as hard and as fast as they can over short distances.

This is what high-intensity interval training is based on. The idea is to perform short intervals of high-intensity exercises continuously until you’re exhausted.

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