Is the Pilates Reformer Good for a Beginner?

There are many options out there for strengthening the body and helping you get in the best shape, but nothing works quite like a Pilates Reformer. Zero Gravity Fitness in Ocoee, FL can provide clients with the best reformer workouts that provide dramatic changes to your body, regardless of whether it is your first time or you have used it many times before.

The reformer may sound hard, and beginners may feel like they should shy away. But it is simply a fantastic exercise device that helps us to work on core strengthening and other important Pilates moves all in one. No matter what your skill level, the reformer will help to get you toned and fit in no time.

What Is a Pilates Reformer?

The reformer has been around almost as long as Pilates itself. In fact, Joseph Pilates, the founder of this wonderful exercise routine, invented the reformer. It is simply a bed-type frame that comes with a platform, which is called the carriage, attached up to the reformer with some springs.

These springs are important because they offer the user different levels of resistance as the carriage gets pulled or pushed, depending on the exercise, along with the frame. Beginners and advanced practitioners of Pilates can adjust the reformer to help get the workout that is meant for them.

Then there is the carriage. The carriage has a few shoulder blocks that are important to keep the practitioner on the reformer rather than falling off. There is a lot of pulling or pushing of the carriage to complete the workout, and having that extra support can be a bonus.

How Can I Use the Reformer?

The neat thing about the Pilates Reformer is how versatile it is. Once the participant has received proper instruction, preferably from someone certified in Pilates, they can use this reformer for many Pilates workouts of their choice. Exercises can be performed in many ways, including standing, sitting, and lying down. It often depends on the type of movement that the user is focusing on, but all of them can work different parts of the body and provide benefits.

The goal of the reformer is to create better flexibility, balance, and strength in the user each time they complete a workout on this. This is done by working out all the different parts of the body and in many ways. Users can choose to use their legs, their arms, their core, or a combination to build strength and endurance while using the reformer.

Professional staff and certified Pilates instructions can teach users the many exercises that work well on the reformer. This makes it the perfect tool for anyone, no matter what their experience with Pilates was in the past.

Are There Benefits to Exercising With the Reformer?

There are many benefits to using the Pilates Reformer for your workout. Whether you are a beginner with Pilates, have done Pilates often, you want to add it to your workout routine, or make Pilates your main workout, the reformer can be versatile and helpful for all of your needs.

It Increases Body Strength

To start, the reformer can boost the overall body strength of the user, while improving balance, increasing coordination, and promoting flexibility. All of these positive changes in the user can lead to more efficiency and grace in the movement for that user, along with an improvement in posture. For anyone with back problems, the reformer can provide easy and natural relief.

It Helps With Range of Motion

The Pilates Reformer can also accommodate many ranges of motion. For those who struggle with certain movements, or who have had limited mobility as they age, the reformer is just the tool. It gently eases the user back into movements, increasing flexibility without causing harm or damage to muscles and tissues.

It Adds in Strength

The reformer is also a good strength routine. While we traditionally associate strength training with weights, the reformer can provide similar results without as much strain on the muscles or the need for heavy weights. The natural pulling and pushing that your arms and legs will do against the resistance springs of this device can help promote strength and strong bones.

Provides the Right Muscle Contractions

Another benefit provided by the reformer is eccentric muscle contraction. This is a process that happens when a muscle lengthens as it resists some force. The reformer can promote these contractions. Why is this important? Eccentric muscle contractions are key to getting strong and long muscles without all the bulk.

Adds in an Element of Stability

There are also several stability challenges available on the reformer, based on which resistance level the user decides to go with. This can help to provide better balance to any user while promoting overall core strength. And who doesn’t want to work on the core while preventing slips and falls along the way?

Basically, using the reformer for a workout can potentially benefit anyone who uses it. Athletes, those who have spent years in the gym, and even those just starting out can benefit from using the reformer for their fitness needs. It is simple, versatile, and can be a lot of fun compared to other workout machines.

If you are looking for a new workout that can improve balance and flexibility, reduce pain, and build strength, then contact us at Zero Gravity Fitness in Ocoee, FL today. Our certified Pilates instructions can help guide you to the right Pilates classes that fit your skill levels and can help you sign up for our Pilates Reformer class too!