Keep Your Body Guessing with Body Shock Training

When a person begins a new exercise regimen, they are impressed and shocked by the rapid changes they see in their body. It is not uncommon for a person who starts a new diet or who begins going to the gym to lose three or four pounds in the first week.

However, if the individual does not vary their workout routine, they will soon reach a plateau. This is why many are incorporating Body Shock training into their workout regimen.

Why Body Shock Training is Beneficial

The human body is designed to adapt to the conditions that it experiences. This is why a person thinks it is cold outside when it is 40 degrees at the start of fall, but after living through subzero temperatures in the winter months, 40 degrees during the spring seems like shorts weather.

If a person does the same workout week after week, their workout goes from being tough to being something they can do without much exertion. Their body adapts by slowing their metabolism and minimizing muscle gain. In order to keep growing muscle and losing weight, a person needs to keep their body guessing.

Many bodybuilding legends believe that muscle confusion and temporary overreaching phases are the only way to have consistent gains in the gym. Many have implemented a schedule where they do eight sets of eight reps.

If you have personally noticed that your workouts are not as challenging as they were before, you may want to implement this plan.

What Does a Sample Body Shock Training Routine Look Like?

Body Shock and awe programs are not made for the fainthearted. The majority of these programs involve training very hard for two days and then taking a two-day break.

Every day of training will include exercising a particular body part for eight sets of eight reps. This is often referred to as a high-frequency, full body split.

While going through this routine, rest periods should be kept to a minimum of 30 seconds. The goal is to shock the body. You do not want to be resting or sitting down for minutes at a time.

Most Body Shock training routines go from one month to two months. The goal is to increase the difficulty level of your workout every two weeks.

Remember, this Body Shock training is designed to be a temporary part of your overall workout routine. So you really need to push yourself hard.

A sample workout for a full-body day might include:

1. 10 minutes cardio warm-up
2. Eight sets of eight reps barbell bench press
3. Eight sets of eight reps push press
4. Barbell squat eight sets of eight reps
5. Triceps dips eight sets of eight reps

With the above program, you would only schedule 30 seconds of rest between the sets. Shocking the body in this way will lead to muscle growth, cardiovascular endurance, and weight loss. If you’re interested in changing up your routine, contact Zero Gravity Fitness today to make your appointment.