March 2024 Newsletter

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So you think you’re Advanced? Announcing the next Group Reformer Master Class on Sat., April 6 at 10am. This special 90 minute class requires strength, stability and flexibility to complete advanced Pilates moves on the Reformer starring Instructors, Leo and Bharti. Secure your spot in class, space is limited to 7. Register on the ZGF App

February ZGF BINGO Winner – All who participated were included in the Grand Prize raffle drawn on Fri., March 1. Our winner was Nichole Lane, who received a special ZGF Gift Certificate. Thank you to all who participated.

What is Pilates and what are its benefits?

Pilates involves precise moves and breathing technique that improve strength, balance and mobility targeting abs, back, pelvic floor, hips, and glutes, along with other areas. It was developed in the early 20th century in Germany by Joseph
Pilates where he designed an apparatus using hospital beds and springs to keep wounded WWI soldiers active.
Pilates proved this theory through years of research and training. These spring-based exercises became the basis for the method he would later design, in conjunction with the mat work, referred to as Contrology. Though there have been minor changes to his methods as science has advanced its understanding of the human body; the brilliance and
simplicity of the Pilates system remains intact. Rather than isolating muscles individually like most exercise regimens, Pilates treats the body as an integrated whole.
Just as a tree needs a strong trunk, or core, so does the body need a strong core, as Joseph Pilates preferred to call, “the power house,” a large group of muscles in our center, encompassing the abdomen, lower back, hips and buttocks. All energy for the Pilates exercises initiates from the powerhouse and flows outward to the extremities. Pilates method is used by everyone from athletes to active aging
adults, it is often recommended because of an ache, pain or injury because Pilates balances your imbalances.

A true snowbird ~ pain free!

Rusty has trained with ZGF off and on for 3 years. When he returned in Fall of 2023, Rusty had tight muscles and chronic knee and back pain. He was mentally frustrated, as he wasn’t able to do the things he enjoyed, like playing Pickleball, without pain and days of recovery. Having the ZGF studio a short drive away, Rusty got focused on healing and committed to a 3 days per week schedule.

“I’ve always believed when you are young you have all these doors open to you, to be able to achieve just about anything you want to achieve. As you get older those doors close, sometimes they shut completely out. However, with Pilates and strength training, I’ve got those doors not closing and some are opening,” explained Rusty.
In only a few months, Rusty is celebrating pain-free days and completed a challenging inversion exercise on the Pilates Tower called Short Spine, which he previously could not do. “It was very freeing, and I had a feeling that I achieved wellness. I’m also excited about the fact that getting up off the floor is now just a motion rather than a step-by-step process that I must think about.”
Rusty is back to playing Pickleball 3-5 times a week pain free and without a need for recovery days. “I’ve enjoyed working with Bharti and Sean, they have helped me so much that the backpain is gone and the knee pain non-existent,” continued Rusty. “I believe that the talent and abilities of the trainers are what makes ZGF a success and it’s a direct reflection of its owner, Leo, who has done an extraordinary job this past year in recruiting a successful talent pool
working for him.”

Do you need help meeting Leo’s challenge, call to schedule a private session where we will work with you to learn the necessary steps. If you’re ready, then join Leo’s challenge on Instagram & Facebook by following these steps: 

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