November 2023 Newsletter

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Bring A Friend for FREE: Share your love for
Pilates! Bring a friend to attend a free Group
Reformer class. Call 407-654-2600 to reserve a
space for your guest to participate in a GR class
with you. One time, new to ZGF, expires 11/30/23.

ZGF’s Annual Client Appreciation Sale on Black
Friday, Nov. 24
: All packages are 10% off. See Bharti
for presale sign up. Also, ZGF is offering no sign up fee for the Elite Pilates Program includes unlimited Pilates classes. Note: There will be no classes on Thanksgiving.

Pilates for Sleep

Have you ever thought about stretching before
going to sleep?
Sleep is related to good mental and physical health, it is important we remember that sleep hygiene is a multifactorial element.
Many experts say that doing some stretches before going to bed helps you fall asleep faster. It can also prevent injuries due to sudden movements, lessen pain sensations, and also help to reduce stress. By stretching our muscles, we completely relax our body and this makes our rest much deeper.
Using stretching modalities like Pilates, Yoga, and Tai Chi, three paths in which rhythmic and gentle breathing are practiced, we can achieve a great degree of tranquility.
Stretching has many benefits for our mind and body. It is especially feasible to be able to stretch the body and elevate the mind so that we have greater well-being and, in the process, sleep much better.
We, at ZGF, invite you to practice Pilates two or
three hours before going to sleep to experience the
wonders of flexibility. Attend an evening class or
book a private session with a certified instructor.
~contributed by Andrea Francis

Jenny Chose ZGF

Jenny chose ZGF because the studio made her feel
less intimidated than bigger gyms and the pilates and
training areas offered a gentle space for healing and
movement with a layout allowing ways to keep each
work out fresh.
“Bharti is my personal trainer,” said Jenny, “she
listened to my individual goals and honored my
emotional and mental goals, as well as my physical
ones,” Jenny is able to walk at Disney without hurting
and without needing a bathroom break, and also
sleep without pain.

“My weight has started to shift for the positive and my body has begun to tone,” Jenny shared.

Jenny says being able to workout at ZGF creates
mental fortitude, a clear mind, and she feels less
anxious. The best side effect of her training program
is the increased stamina and ability to travel without
feeling emotional negative side effects.”

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