October 2023 Newsletter

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New Sock Policy: Group Reformer participants are asked to wear non-slip socks for class for your safety and hygiene, ZGF sells non-slip ToeSox TAVI located at the front desk.

FALL Group Reformer Classes: Try our new class formats, refer to ZGF App for detailed class descriptions.

Upcoming Master Class: For Group Reformer clients looking for a special challenge, Toni
and Andrea will be teaching the next Master Group Reformer class on Saturday, Nov. 4,
10:00 -11:30am. Sign-up on the ZGF App. Space is limited, book now.

Measuring your workout success isn’t always about what you weigh on the scale. More importantly are factors like: reducing stress, building muscle, losing inches, and quality of life.
Start with simple diet changes, try intermittent fasting or low glycemic foods, which can have a
positive impact on your overall health. Add a consistent workout regimen with a variety of
exercise formats. For more help, schedule a private session with one of our certified ZGF

Carol is 74 years young. She does Pilates and Personal Training with Toni, Andrea & Sean. “I have been working out at Zero Gravity Fitness for the past 8 years. They have been an extension of my diet and exercise program,” explained Carol. When Carol first moved to Florida, her health-conscious sons read about ZGF and recommended the gym based on the qualifications of the instructors.

Initially, Carol’s workout program kept her in motion and limber, maintaining quality of life. Then she began getting debilitating migraines. She found voluntary movements like standing up from a chair and rolling over in bed extremely difficult. “And yet this team did not give up on me. We practiced, practiced, practiced,” Carol explained.
Carol’s doctor identified the cause of her migraines, which led to a successful surgery to remove a grapefruit sized non-malignant brain tumor. Carol was quickly back at ZGF and prepared to work again with her team. “The slight and yet significant adjustments with form was something I would not be able to critique/correct on my own (regardless of
all the YouTube videos). The extra encouragement and push to do 2 more reps was priceless,” said Carol.
“The value of working out with my team has truly paid off. My after-surgery sessions have been amazing and encouraging,” Carol exclaimed. “I’m 40 pounds lighter. My physical improvements have been remarkable! I feel like I’m 55 and I’ve been rebooted! They call me Carol 2.0 now!”

Do you need help meeting Leo’s challenge, call to schedule a private session where we will work with you to learn the necessary steps. If you’re ready, then join Leo’s challenge on Instagram & Facebook by following these steps: 

1) Video yourself completing the challenge 
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