Pilates and Your Pregnancy

For many pregnant women the idea of exercising can be a daunting one. Safety is of the utmost importance during this exciting time.  With so much information available, choosing the right program can be a challenge.  Most women are thrilled by they way they feel when they discover Pilates.  If you are pregnant, or considering getting pregnant, Pilates may be the solution you have been looking for.  A Pilates practice during pregnancy can help you realize the following benefits:

Breath Control

Connecting with your breath can be beneficial throughout your pregnancy and the birth process. During this hormonal and emotional time in your life proper breathing techniques can be comforting.  They can help you improve your daily sense of calm.  During delivery, these same techniques can assist with pain management and relaxation.

Stronger Pelvic Muscles

During pregnancy your body goes through many changes.  With the increased weight of your belly there is more strain on the back and hips.  Strengthening the deep pelvic floor muscles can help your body support these changes.  Pilates will help you focus on the deeper stabilizing muscles while avoiding flexion, which can be uncomfortable for pregnant women.  Stronger pelvic muscles can also assist in delivery.

Daily Energy

Throughout your pregnancy you may experience varying energy levels.  Some days may be easier than others.  Pilates is a low impact form of exercise that can be easier to face on the more challenging days. Developing a routine that involves physical exercise can help keep you active until the big day arrives.

Krystle DeGraide – an attendee of our Prenatal Pilates –  shares her testimonial:

“Zero Gravity has been a blessing through my pregnancy!  The amount of care that they give to my every need and the amazing way Pilates is able to help with keeping my hips limber and open and ready for the big day is really great! They are extremely knowledgeable and this puts my mind to rest knowing that everything I am doing is safe for the baby. I am so thankful to have Zero Gravity in my life during this pregnancy.”

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