Pilates: Reformer vs Mat

Getting in shape is certainly not easy. But there are ways of getting in shape and having fun at the same time. Many people are able to master the art of toning their muscles and staying balanced with the practice of Pilates.

At Zero Gravity Fitness in Ocoee, we offer Pilates classes to help people get in shape without any high-intensity workouts or heavy weightlifting. Pilates is a great low-impact workout method that shapes long, lean muscles while still building strength, stability and flexibility. Contact Zero Gravity Fitness today to find out more about our Pilates classes, or stop by our fitness studio to speak to one of our staff members.

All about Pilates

Pilates is a practice that is similar to yoga but more intense. It was created and developed by a man named Joseph Pilates and is now practiced in gyms and medical spas throughout the United States and the rest of the world.

Two Different Types of Pilates: Reformer and Mat

The main promises of Pilates are always to benefit your core strength, help center your mind-body connection, increase your flexibility and build lean muscles where you want them. Many professional athletes and dancers swear by Pilates as a way to calm the spirit and get a good workout in at the same time. But when you’re new to Pilates, you may have some questions. One of these questions often concerns whether you should be sitting in a piece of reformer equipment or out on a yoga mat.

Pilates on the Mat

Pilates on the mat is certainly the most traditional of the options. When most people think of Pilates, they think of it being done on the mat. Certainly, this option can be great at getting you centered and toning your body. Many beginners start here because they can continue their practice at home or on-the-go without the need for an expensive reformer. You’ll also be able to learn how to control each part of your body better on your own if you start on the mat.

Pilates on the Reformer

On the other hand, Pilates on a reformer has some amazing benefits as well. Many people are quite intimidated by the look of a reformer, but it’s really a simple machine that can aid you in your practice. The device is made up of a sliding rack where you are positioned. It includes pulleys, straps, cables and bars for helping with different poses and movements. Resistance from pulleys and straps helps you strength train while the alignment of the device keeps you straight.

Which Style is Right for You?

If you are interested in learning more about Pilates on the mat, on the reformer or both, there are always classes available for anyone and everyone. The truth is, one of these Pilates styles is not better than the other.

If you’ve already had some experience with Pilates, you’ll be all set to start in an intermediate or advanced class, but if you are just beginning, don’t be intimidated. There are friendly beginner classes waiting for you in both of these forms of Pilates. As a side note, many people opt to start on a reformer with a few private lessons first. This gives them a taste for the device before they start in with a class.