Prenatal Pilates to Tone Pelvic Floor Muscles

Pregnancy is a wonderful time. During these nine months, you will grow life in your belly, and at the end of the nine months, you will be blessed with a new baby girl or boy. This is an astounding thing, and sometimes we don’t take enough time to think about how wonderful it is.

Unfortunately, along with the wonders of pregnancy come some side effects that we may not be too thrilled about experiencing. Chiefly among these side effects is incontinence. Many pregnant women and women who have just recently had a child suffer from incontinence, which involves involuntary leaking and some embarrassing effects. The good news is that you can prevent this side effect if you know what to do before the birth of your child. While you are pregnant, if you participate in prenatal Pilates, you can tone your pelvic floor muscles so that they are better prepared for birthing and incontinence is not an issue for you.

The Benefits of Prenatal Pilates to Tone Pelvic Floor Muscles

There are many amazing benefits to prenatal Pilates. Of course, the best benefit is the avoidance of incontinence, but you will also notice that you feel more rested, more centered and better in shape when you participate in a routine practice like Pilates. This practice helps to tone your muscles, give you added flexibility, strengthen your joints and give you better balance.

All about Pilates

Pilates is a practice that has been around since World War I when Joseph Pilates developed it in an internment camp. Pilates had been an acrobat, so he knew a thing or two about strength, flexibility and physical fitness in general. While in the camp, he decided to develop a brand new practice that included all of these skills. Today, Pilates is practiced around the world at gyms and fitness centers like Zero Gravity Fitness. You can do Pilates on a Pilates reformer machine, or you can simply practice the positions and moves on a mat.

What Is Different about Prenatal Pilates

Prenatal Pilates takes into account the growing baby inside your belly. Moves may be slower, softer or less intense depending on where you are in your pregnancy. With that being said, you will certainly still be challenged, and it must be this way if you want to make any progress and avoid the problem of incontinence after the birth of your child.

Pilates for women who are pregnant focuses on core strength during the first trimester. You will be able to get your muscles warmed up and ready for what is to come. During the second trimester, your core stability and balance will be tested and improved, and during the third trimester, you will focus more on flexibility and labor preparation.

Experience it for Yourself

If you are currently pregnant or thinking about becoming pregnant, consider taking some prenatal Pilates classes with one of our trainers. We offer classes for women of all shapes and sizes, and you can always go at your own pace. Contact Zero Gravity Fitness today to schedule your appointment.