Sport Specific Training

At Zero Gravity Fitness, we combine strength training, pilates, yoga, nutritional advice and healthy lifestyle choices into a personalized program that gives you the support, encouragement, and expert advice you need to achieve real results. With our ability to help you improve your strength and flexibility, you can correct your sport specific techniques to work more efficiently. Pilates has become a cornerstone in improving core strength and flexibility. The trainers at Zero Gravity have extensive pilates backgrounds and can outline a specific program tailored to each client. We offer the perfect blend of pilates and strength training to take your game to the next level. Zero Gravity is at the forefront of the fitness industry. We are equipped with the latest equipment, including a full pilates studio, strength training equipment, SuperFlex ™ stations and Russian kettlebells.

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They are all so very nice to be around. They make your workout fun but they work you hard so that you achieve your fitness goals.

Denise Strube


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