ZGF Elite Pilates Program

ZGF is launching an Elite Pilates Program. If you attend more than one Group Reformer class per week, then our new ZGF Elite Pilates Program is for you!

The ZGF Elite Pilates Program is a cost-effective option for our clients who want to be the strongest, most knowledgeable, and best trained in Pilates. Increase the frequency of your Pilates Group Reformer workouts and add Mat and Springboard options at a great value.  ~Joseph Pilates believed daily practice would lead to a healthier, longer life.  

The Elite ZGF Pilates Program is a monthly re-occurring fee that includes:

  • Unlimited Group Reformer classes weekly at a lower total cost per class
  • As a ZGF Elite Pilates Member, YOU will have unlimited access to ZGF Mat Pilates and Springboard classes at an even greater value. 
  • A ZGF Elite Pilates Membership includes a one-time non-refundable enrollment fee of $50 
  • All Elite Members must register in advance to hold space in Pilates classes they chose to attend using the ZGF App

There are so many benefits to being a ZGF Elite Member, most importantly, you no longer have to keep track of how many classes are left in your Pilates package. The ZGF Elite Membership is YOUR consistency-in-action plan. It will help YOU make incremental improvements over time. It is a low investment to help YOU meet YOUR Pilates fitness and performance goals.

Are you ready to jump to the next level?

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