Is My Body Building Muscle?

Building muscle requires the right mixture of willpower, nutrition and exercise. Failure to obtain this mixture in proper amounts will result in limited muscle growth. This is why many people may work extra hard, eat the right things, and have the right attitude, yet they still fail to build muscle.

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What Does Your Body Need to Build Muscle?

There are three elements required to build muscle: willpower, exercise, and nutrition.

Willpower is the first building block of building muscle. It helps to drive the proper diet and exercise needed on a regular basis. Without this drive, you may exercise and diet correctly for just a short period, but not for long enough to build muscle.

Exercise is the next building block. You will require both aerobic and anaerobic exercise to begin building strength. Aerobic exercise supports your cardiovascular system, which does everything from transporting nutrients to ensuring you have the stamina to exercise. Anaerobic exercise increases the amount of weight you can lift, and affects the duration you can exercise.

The last building block of muscle is nutrition. Your diet must have the proper amount of protein and fats included while having just the right amount of carbohydrates. The wrong balance will lead to smaller gains and more tiredness, which can sabotage your attempts to build muscle.

Signs Not to Confuse With Building Muscle

There are a few signs that some people commonly associate with building muscle, but may actually be signs of bodily harm. They include:

  • Trouble lifting weights
  • Extreme and prolonged muscle fatigue
  • Pain
  • Joint stiffness
  • Weakness

These symptoms typically point to an incorrect balance of willpower, exercise, and nutrition.

How Can You Determine If Your Body is Building Muscle?

The best way to determine how effectively your body is building muscle is by measuring your muscles. This will give you an idea of how quickly your body is increasing its muscle volume. This can be done visually or with calipers for more accurate measurements.

An equally effective way to determine how successfully your body builds muscle is by examining how strong you are. The amount of weight you can lift will generally correlate with how much muscle mass you have.

While you can determine if your body is building muscle mass by tracking your gains over time, there are more effective ways to get an accurate measurement of lean muscle mass changes. Contact Zero Gravity Fitness today for more information, or to schedule an appointment.