All About Body Shock Training

As humans, we are creatures of habit. If you wake up at the same time every day, usually you end up not even needing an alarm. Our bodies become so used to our routines that we can find ourselves just going through the motions and we end up stuck in a rut. Sometimes routines are good because they keep us organized and on track. But when it comes to our health, routines in our workouts can sometimes be detrimental. If you have found yourself in a rut in your journey toward a more healthy life, consider body shock training!

What is Body Shock Training?

This training does exactly what the name suggests: it shocks your body in a way that keeps you feeling energized and motivated. Our training professionals can help you determine which exercises and workout routines may be the most effective for your body shock training. Whether that means weight training, cardio, or something else, we can help you figure out the best way to shock your body into performing better.

Who is a Good Candidate?

Most people find a good workout routine and they stick to it. Oftentimes they experience good progress for a while, but then they start to level out. When you’ve reached this plateau is when you become an ideal candidate for body shock training. Whether you find that your best mile time hasn’t improved in months or your max deadlift has been the same for a long time or you’re just looking to kickstart your workout routine in the new year, a good candidate for body shock training is someone who is physically fit and looking to better themselves. Good candidates are people who work out regularly and have an established routine. If you are interested in working out and getting fit, our professionals can help.

It’s Effective

Our body shock training classes are designed to target the areas that you’ve been missing. That means if you’ve been struggling to lose weight or build your strength, you may just need some professional help to plan a workout that is effective for you. The best way to find out if body shock training is right for you is to speak with our professionals. We can give you a rough idea of what the classes will look like, and we can even share testimonies with you from other clients who experienced great results with body shock training.

Stuck in a Rut?

There’s no better way to kickstart your health than to get on track with your workout routine. Getting professional guidance is invaluable to your health, and who knows? Body shock training may be just what you need to lose that extra weight or jump over that milestone. For more information, feel free to make an appointment with Zero Gravity Fitness! At our convenient location in Ocoee, FL, our welcoming and devoted professionals will be pleased to explain this option in further detail and answer any questions you may have. Contact us today to set up your consultation – we look forward to speaking with you!

Get the Most Out of Your Workout with Body Shock Training

If you have been exercising on a regular basis and are already in good shape, you have probably reached a point of standstill. This is what fitness experts call a fitness plateau. It doesn’t matter what kind of exercise you have chosen. Weight training and cardiovascular exercises done by most health enthusiasts can only offer so much unless the stakes are raised. Body shock training at Zero Gravity Fitness may offer a way off this plateau.

What is Body Shock Training?

Simply adding a little variety to your workout regimen can solve the fitness plateau problem. If you perform the same exercise routines every time, your body will get used to it. If you lift weights or do strength training exercises, you will notice that they become less challenging, even if you add to the number of sets and increase the number of repetitions. The same kind of thing is true when it comes to aerobic exercises.

It can be difficult to think of ways of changing your exercise routine. Starting in simple ways can make the process easier.

  • Add more reps to your weight training exercises.
  • Change the kind of weight training exercises you do. A change in motion can make all the difference.
  • If you have been jogging on mostly flat terrain, try going uphill in a different area of town you’re not used to.
  • Try another kind of aerobic exercise you’re not used to or have never tried before.

These are options for getting started right away. Let us guide you to the right kind of body shock training. First, let us introduce you to a way of exercising that will do more than just challenge you.

Have you ever noticed the differences between sprinters and long-distance runners? Long distance runners are almost always thin and have longer, leaner muscular frames. Sprinters, on the other hand, have more muscle mass with chiseled muscular features. This is because they run as hard and as fast as they can over short distances.

This is what high-intensity interval training is based on. The idea is to perform short intervals of high-intensity exercises continuously until you’re exhausted.

Learn More

To get all the facts about body shock training, consult our team at Zero Gravity Fitness in Ocoee, FL. Contact our office today to get started.

Enjoying the Benefits of Body Shock Training

In nature, the human body is trained to respond to every stimulus. For instance, after a training session, the body responds to the amount of stress placed on it by adding an increased amount of muscles to the target body area. However, if the stimulus is always steady, the body becomes used to it with time, hence, building of muscles will plateau. A plateau is a period of stagnation where you no longer lose weight despite a regular workout and consistent healthy diet because your body is already conditioned to the routine. That’s where body shock training can help.

Body shock training involves increasing the amount of resistance along with variation in a work regimen to increase the body’s overall strength, agility, and stamina. It entails combining some free weight training as well as sports drills tailored to the specific physical needs of an individual.

Who is Eligible for Body Shock Training?

This type of training is only meant for fitness participants who are used to working out but not for starters. As outlined earlier, the purpose of body shock training is to do just that; shock the body out of its comfort zone. Therefore, it is most eligible but not limited to mixed martial artists, bodybuilders, fitness competitors, powerlifters and competitive athletes. Usually, a body shock training plan goes for multiple months with increased intensity of exercise after every two weeks or so.

What are the Benefits?

The primary goal of body shock training is to overcome a weight loss plateau. Body shock training helps to overcome a plateau by maximizing exercise intensity to have a steady increase in muscle mass.

Body shock training can also increase your self-confidence. It ensures that there is measurable progress in your workout, which helps to keep you energized and interested in achieving your body goals. It also helps to build your endurance, focus, and strength in and out of the gym.

If you’re interested in this type of training, talk to us at Zero Gravity Fitness in Ocoee, FL. Contact our office today to book an appointment and learn more.

What is Body Shock Training?

Body shock training uses a multidimensional approach to workout routines in order to overcome a phenomena known as a “plateau” in fitness circles. A plateau occurs when you no longer shed weight toward your goal, despite working out regularly and consuming a consistently healthy diet. One of the main reasons for this slowdown in weight loss is that your body becomes used to your workout routine and is slower to respond. A sure way to overcome this resistance is to change things up. That’s where body shock training comes into play.

About Body Shock Training

Body shock training is comprised of a number of fitness programs meant to work together to increase your body’s overall stamina, strength and agility. It involves a combination of free weight training and sports drills that are tailored to your specific physical needs and goals. It is an intense program that isn’t meant for beginners or for those who have been away from the gym for a while.

Body shock training works best for individuals who have been working out regularly, but are no longer seeing the results they once achieved. In addition, its routines are highly cardiovascular based. Participation in body shock training will lead to advances in your whole body health.

What to Expect

As mentioned, body shock training is meant for hardcore fitness participants who are already in good shape. The point of the routines is to “shock” your body past its resistance through a series of non-stop, intense exercises. The format of body shock is two days on, then two days off. You will work out with extreme intensity for two days, focusing on a specific body part each day. Then you’ll take a two-day break. After which, you’ll focus on a new body part, completing eight sets of eight reps with rest periods that last no more than 30 seconds.

This program is designed to be a temporary kick start to your fitness routine and usually only lasts between one and three months. It’s important to note that you will increase the difficulty of your exercises every two weeks until the end of your program.

Benefits of Body Shock Training

Of course, one of the most sought-after benefits of this sensation is to overcome your weight loss plateau. There are lots of other advantages, as well. Body shock training will help you to gain confidence. When you challenge yourself to complete such intense workouts, you will know that you are strong and able to accomplish new activities. Soon, you’ll beat the resistance of your plateau.

Setting and reaching goals is a great way to increase your self-esteem. As mentioned earlier, your overall health will benefit through participation in this program. You’ll be stronger with higher endurance and ready to face the next fitness challenge you set for yourself.

Can Body Shock Training Benefit You?

If your current workout regimen is becoming boring and ineffective, it’s time to shake things up. Body shock training at Zero Gravity Fitness is a strategic way to make a change and to reach your goals successfully. Contact us today to schedule your appointment at our office in Ocoee to learn more.

Keep Your Body Guessing with Body Shock Training

When a person begins a new exercise regimen, they are impressed and shocked by the rapid changes they see in their body. It is not uncommon for a person who starts a new diet or who begins going to the gym to lose three or four pounds in the first week.

However, if the individual does not vary their workout routine, they will soon reach a plateau. This is why many are incorporating Body Shock training into their workout regimen.

Why Body Shock Training is Beneficial

The human body is designed to adapt to the conditions that it experiences. This is why a person thinks it is cold outside when it is 40 degrees at the start of fall, but after living through subzero temperatures in the winter months, 40 degrees during the spring seems like shorts weather.

If a person does the same workout week after week, their workout goes from being tough to being something they can do without much exertion. Their body adapts by slowing their metabolism and minimizing muscle gain. In order to keep growing muscle and losing weight, a person needs to keep their body guessing.

Many bodybuilding legends believe that muscle confusion and temporary overreaching phases are the only way to have consistent gains in the gym. Many have implemented a schedule where they do eight sets of eight reps.

If you have personally noticed that your workouts are not as challenging as they were before, you may want to implement this plan.

What Does a Sample Body Shock Training Routine Look Like?

Body Shock and awe programs are not made for the fainthearted. The majority of these programs involve training very hard for two days and then taking a two-day break.

Every day of training will include exercising a particular body part for eight sets of eight reps. This is often referred to as a high-frequency, full body split.

While going through this routine, rest periods should be kept to a minimum of 30 seconds. The goal is to shock the body. You do not want to be resting or sitting down for minutes at a time.

Most Body Shock training routines go from one month to two months. The goal is to increase the difficulty level of your workout every two weeks.

Remember, this Body Shock training is designed to be a temporary part of your overall workout routine. So you really need to push yourself hard.

A sample workout for a full-body day might include:

1. 10 minutes cardio warm-up
2. Eight sets of eight reps barbell bench press
3. Eight sets of eight reps push press
4. Barbell squat eight sets of eight reps
5. Triceps dips eight sets of eight reps

With the above program, you would only schedule 30 seconds of rest between the sets. Shocking the body in this way will lead to muscle growth, cardiovascular endurance, and weight loss. If you’re interested in changing up your routine, contact Zero Gravity Fitness today to make your appointment.

The Best Time to Start Body Shock Training

Body shock training now has avid practitioners around the world and is a popular option for those that want to see amazing results fast. Whether you are looking to break past a fitness plateau or have recently started to consider your options for getting into shape, we have a program that will suit your needs. Here is a closer look at exactly what body shock training is and when it may be time to implement it into your own workout routine.

The Downfall of Traditional Exercise Programs

Practically any workout is going to produce results in the beginning as long as it is combined with a healthy diet, but many people will become frustrated with static programs. Those that head into the gym may set themselves goals such as running a 5k or setting a personal record lifting weights, but this type of training can quickly become taxing on one’s motivation and will eventually become stagnant. The human body naturally progresses as little as it needs to in order to complete a task. When the body is no longer exposed to new movements or training styles, the person will hit a plateau and see little or no changes. This is where body shock training comes into play.

What Is Body Shock Training?

Body shock training is a comprehensive approach to fitness that is designed to keep the body adapting to new stresses at all times. Instead of options like a progressive running program where you simply increase how many miles you are running per week, these programs will challenge every part of your body with constantly changing movements. This means that quicker gains are made as your body struggles with and then overcomes new challenges. Body shock training implements everything from traditional cardiovascular and weight training to sports drills and low impact movements.

When Should I Start?

There is no single moment that will be right for everyone to start body shock training, but it can be quite beneficial in a few situations. For many, the ideal time to start is when their old training routines have become boring or you have noticed that little or no progress is taking place anymore. These plateaus are taxing on both the body and mind, and body shock training can be an ideal way to continue seeing progress. Due to the intensity of body shock training, it is also a great idea for anyone that wants to get fit as quickly as possible. Our personalized training plans are designed according your own goals and do not adhere to a “one size fits all” approach.

The path to fitness will always present a few challenges, and this is why a support team is so vital to long-term success. At Zero Gravity Fitness, we’ll work with you to create a health and fitness plan that is perfect for your needs. If you are ready to get into the best shape of your life, then please contact Zero Gravity Fitness today to see if body shock training is right for you.

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