Considering a Fitness Studio in Orlando

Have you been thinking about joining a gym recently? Or maybe you already have a gym you go to but you want something a little more personal. One of the main issues with buying a gym membership and trying to stick to an exercise routine is that you’re doing it by yourself with no guidance. This can cause you to get frustrated, burn out quickly, or even get injured if you don’t know what you’re doing. Lack of motivation can also cause you to quit. If this sounds like you, or if it’s something you would like to avoid, then we invite you to consider a fitness studio in Orlando.

What Is a Fitness Studio?

At a fitness studio in Orlando, you’ll find much of the same equipment you would find at a normal gym. The main difference is in the staff here. We have trained professionals who will help guide you on your journey toward a more fit life, regardless of where you are currently at. If you are just starting out, we have classes for you. If you are used to the gym but you’ve reached a plateau, we have classes for you as well. We can go through the exercises with you and instruct you in how to perform them so you are getting the best workout possible.

Personal Classes

Some people like to be as alone as possible when they’re working out, which can be due to self-confidence issues. We understand that, which is why we offer personal classes at our fitness studio in Orlando. One of our trainers will work with you one-on-one to improve your form and get through your exercise routine. We’ll keep you motivated and educated, so you can push through your goals and move on to the next ones.

In our personal classes we offer body shock training to help you get out of your plateau. Trying a new exercise or routine that you aren’t used to is a great way to kick-start your body and will allow you to reach new goals you’ve set for yourself. If you’ve found that your personal mile time hasn’t improved in a few months, or that your bench-press max is staying the same, you could benefit greatly from body shock training.

Group Classes

If you don’t like working out alone, it’s probably because other people motivate you. Working out in a group setting is typically good for the more social among us, and it can serve as a great tool to help you improve and continue to get better through friendly competition. It also gives you a good sense that you are not alone, so if you’re struggling you can have someone right there with you who is struggling too.

Sports Training

If you are in a specific sport, like football, basketball, or track, we encourage you to visit us. We can help you tailor your exercises to fit the sport you’re in, so you know you’re getting the most beneficial workout. Our exercise routines typically involve strength training and exercises like Pilates or yoga, which are great for strengthening the core. No matter who you are, pretty much everyone can benefit from having their core strengthened.

Pilates and Yoga

That brings us to discuss your options for Pilates and yoga. Sure there are a lot of books or videos you could look into that can give you exercises and poses, but that doesn’t give you the hands-on, individualized approach you will get at our fitness studio in Orlando. We will work with you to make sure the exercises and poses are perfect for your skill level. Pilates and yoga can do wonders for your flexibility and strength, and we will work with you to make sure you are being pushed at the right speed.

Yoga is similar to Pilates in the sense that it engages your core and promotes strength and wellbeing, but yoga goes a step further and also encourages mindfulness and a sense of spirituality. Whether or not you are religious, yoga is a great way to get in touch with yourself and those around you while keeping your body healthy. It’s like an exercise for your mind and your body! Yoga puts a lot of emphasis on breathing, listening, meditating, just as much as it focuses on strenuous poses and flexibility.

Combination Routines

At our fitness studio in Orlando, we don’t force you to choose between exercises. You can combine strength training with Pilates or yoga, or with any of the other exercises we offer, like Russian kettlebells. We even offer classes for pregnant women, which is a great way to stay healthy and in shape before the baby arrives, and also a great way to keep yourself in shape afterward as well. Once you have a good base for your fitness, it is much easier to maintain a healthy routine.

We Are for Everyone

Whether you are an athlete, someone who is new to fitness, a pregnant woman, an elderly person, or even someone who is just curious, we can tailor the perfect exercise routine for you and your needs. We are dedicated to exceptional customer service, which means you shouldn’t be afraid or intimidated by anyone at our fitness studio in Orlando. We encourage people to visit us or call with any questions they may have about our programs, because we are driven by a desire to see people succeed and be the best they can be in their fitness life.

Unhealthy lifestyles don’t discriminate, and neither do we. So whatever your needs are, we encourage you to reach out to us to see exactly how Zero Gravity Fitness in Ocoee, FL can benefit you. Building that foundation or building off of what you already have can be such a rewarding experience. Contact us today to schedule your appointment with our team!