Zero Gravity Fitness: Pilates can ease back pain

Is lower back pain making your life miserable?

Are easy tasks like bending down to tie your shoe laces becoming difficult because they hurt your back?

Is back pain hurting your job performance?

If lower back pain is negatively impacting your life, Pilates can help you become pain-free, healthier and live a fuller life.

Zero Gravity Fitness in Ocoee can help you develop a Pilates program to ease back pain and put you on the road to a fitter and more flexible you.
Lower back pain is common and many tolerate the discomfort in silence. Studies show 31 million people in the United States complain of lower back pain at any given time.
Did you know that:

• Lower back pain is the biggest cause of disability across the globe.
• It is one of the top reasons people miss work.
• Back pain is the second most common complaint of patients visiting their doctors. Upper respiratory problems are the number one reason behind visits to the doctor or emergency room.
• About $50 billion is spent on lower back pain issues in the United States each year.
• About 80 percent of people will suffer from lower back pain during their lifetimes.

Pilates can prevent you and your back from becoming part of those painful statistics.
At Zero Gravity, our staff is ready to help you get rid of back pain with the help of Pilates – whether you have never taken a class or are an experienced practitioner.
How does Pilates help your back? And who can benefit from a Pilates program?

Those with back pain caused by excessive movement or degenerative disc disease are likely to find relief through Pilates, which promotes better posture – and in turn cuts pressure and stress on back joints and discs.
Zero Gravity offers hour and half-hour Pilates sessions with trained and certified teachers who will help you get the most out of your Pilates program.
We can assist you in reducing back pain by:

• Teaching proper spinal alignment.
• Building up muscles that support your spine, while staying away from exercises that stress or harm your back.
• Designing a Pilates program that will keep back pain from reappearing and promote better back health.

Those with serious back pain should consult a doctor before beginning any exercise regimen.
To reduce your back pain, improve your flexibility and fitness and to enjoy life to the fullest, consider the Pilates programs offered at Zero Gravity Fitness.
You have nothing to lose – except for that nagging pain in your back!
Contact Zero Gravity today to learn more about Pilates and how it can help you.