5 Steps to Get Back to the Gym After a Sports Injury

Getting a sports injury is one of the most common reasons why fitness plans are derailed. Depending on their severity, they may keep you away from the gym for weeks or even months. The lost time can not only have a significant impact on your physical conditioning but also your mental readiness and motivation. However, this is an obstacle that can be overcome if you take the time to follow these five steps to getting back to the gym in Orlando. Contact us when you’re ready to get back after a sports injury!

Make a Plan

If you are seeing a physical therapist, follow their treatment plan for recovery from a sports injury but be proactive in asking how to slowly integrate more challenging fitness activities. Work together to set an acceptable timeline for a return to a normal exercise schedule.

Retrace Your Missteps

While not every injury is preventable, take a look back at how you were injured and try to learn from the experience. Were you pushing yourself too hard? Were you distracted? Was there a problem with your form? Do your best to learn from your missteps before moving forward.

Bring a Friend

When you are first returning to the gym, it is more important than ever to have supervision and support as you try to overcome your injury. Bringing a companion to the gym in Orlando or seeking out help from one of our personal trainers is essential to recovering responsibly.

Put The Right Fuel in The Tank

Your body is still healing, and you are going to need the right mix of proteins and nutrients to make sure that you recover as quickly as possible. Load up on lean proteins, dark-colored fruits, and green vegetables. These ingredients can all be combined in a smoothie to take about an hour prior to a workout in order to maximize their effectiveness. Food and drink to avoid include those high in sugar or carbs, alcohol, or those with a high saturated fat content. While recovering, make an effort to drink more water than you normally would for the satiation of thirst but be careful not to drink more than you can handle to meet an arbitrary goal that might not work for your body.

Take It Slow

Following these steps and getting back to the gym in Orlando can help you heal faster, feel better, and get back the confidence that you had before your injury.

Take it one workout at a time and contact Zero Gravity Fitness if you have any more questions regarding how to prevent injury from keeping you from your fitness goals.