Why Men And Women Love Strength Training

Every complete workout plan has two key elements: cardiovascular training and strength training. While cardio exercise is any activity that keeps the body in a constant state of motion, strength training is performed in repetitions and sets, often with breaks built in-between. By properly toning and conditioning different muscle groups, it’s possible to gain a surprisingly vast range of both functional and aesthetic benefits. Following are just a few of many reasons why men and women love strength training.

Improves Bone Density

As people grow older, especially women, problems with bone density loss can occur. Strength training helps the body build up and preserve bone mass. This makes it an excellent addition to your workout routine if you’re predisposed to age-related bone density problems like osteoporosis or osteo-arthritis. Resistance-based exercises and weight training can help you maintain strong, durable bones so that your likelihood of experiencing breaks, contusions and fractures later in life is minimized.

Can Move You Closer to Your Ideal Physique

When you drop pounds while adding strength-training to your routine, you’ll find it easier to create a lean, lithe and ultimately healthy-looking physique. Far too many people think that the key to weight loss is deprivation dieting or calorie-cutting. A balanced exercise plan that includes strength-training, however, has the greatest ability to produce impressive and long-lasting results.

Expedite Your Weight Loss Plan

Building new muscle is also a great way to expedite weight loss. That’s because your body will require additional calories to support any new muscle that it gains. As such, building additional muscle actually makes it easier to create the calorie deficit that’s essential for shedding stored fat. Whether you’ve been dealing with a frustrating weight loss plateau or simply wish that your clothes would fit and feel better on your body, building and toning your muscles is likely the best solution.

Improve Balance, Coordination and Flexibility While Alleviating and Preventing Pain

All of the muscle groups in the body have very specific jobs. When individual muscles are insufficiently strong for doing their jobs, serious problems can occur. For example, your abdominal or core muscles support and oppose your spine. With a weak core, you’ll be more likely maintain poor posture and to place an undue amount of stress on your body’s central supporting structure. This can in turn lead to lower and mid-back pain, as well as excess stress on surrounding muscle groups. In this particular instance, implementing a targeted strength training plan to build and tone your abdominal muscles could be a very effective way to naturally alleviate back pain and improve your overall mobility. By toning the muscles that your body relies on for safe, coordinated, and balanced movements, you can prevent injury, improve your day-to-day comfort levels, and avoid a lot of unnecessary strain. To learn more about the benefits of strength training, speak with the educated staff at Zero Gravity Fitness in Ocoee, FL. Contact us today to schedule your appointment!