What Should I ask my Weight Loss Coach?

Individuals who are overweight or obese are at a higher risk for major cardiovascular complications that can ultimately lead to premature death and other serious consequences. Weight loss can lead to a long-term stabilization in the presence of fat in the arteries. If you are considering losing weight with a weight loss coach, there are many things you can discuss to make your journey as healthy and effective as possible.

Overview of Cardiac Health

A person who is attempting to lose weight needs to have some comprehensive evaluation of heart health. The results of a cardiac stress test can inspire a person to shed some extra pounds. During this evaluation, a person must exercise on a treadmill and other machines that stimulate the heart. A cardiac stress test may reveal that a subject is not ready to pursue a weight loss routine that involves intense exercise. People with weak hearts need to follow moderate forms of physical activities that don’t place a heavy strain on cardiovascular and respiratory functions. An electrocardiogram is another diagnostic procedure that can be used to determine the best weight loss solutions for patients.

Dietary Habits

In order to truly keep extra weight off, people must follow diets that are low in certain fats, carbohydrates, sodium and other ingredients. Processed, junk and fast foods are loaded with saturated fat that is very harmful to the body. By contrast, unsaturated fats actually provide numerous health benefits. Fish, avocados, nuts and olives are rich in several types of these good fats.
Our weight loss coach may highly recommend that you reduce the intake of sugary food and drinks on a daily basis. Sugars are essentially “bad” carbohydrates that are packed with a lot of calories. Excessive consumption of soda, pastries and other sweet treats can lead to quick weight gain. Filtered water that’s enhanced with minerals and vitamins is a much healthier alternative to fruit punches and other drinks that are infused with unnatural sweeteners.

Lifestyle Factors

A sedentary lifestyle is another issue that our weight loss coach will address during and after a weight loss program. People who spend multiple hours per day sitting in front of a computer or TV are likely to gain weight. Metabolism tends to slow down when a person is inactive for an extended period. After eating a large meal, it’s a great idea to do some light chores around the house or go for a walk. Excessive calories tend to accumulate very quickly in the body of a sedentary person.

Our weight loss coach may also recommend some basic adjustments to transportation habits on a local scale. People should always try to stroll to businesses, supermarkets and other establishments that are within walking distance. Walking on stairways instead of riding on elevators is another good habit that helps with weight management. Public transportation can also decrease the total time that commuters normally spend sitting in vehicles during heavy traffic.

These are just a few things you will learn about when you visit a weight loss coach at Zero Gravity Fitness. We are located in Ocoee and make it our goal to help every visitor reach his or her fitness goals. Zero Gravity Fitness. We are located in Ocoee and make it our goal to help every visitor reach his or her fitness goals.