Researching Winter Garden Gyms? Visit Zero Gravity Fitness!

In Winter Garden, there’s no shortage of gyms. However, not every gym was created equal. Few Winter Garden gyms actually offer a series of different ways to help you reach the desired level of fitness that you have for yourself. Even fewer contain professionals with the experience, motivation, and knowledge to help you reach that goal. That isn’t the case at Zero Gravity Fitness. Here, we are just as motivated as you are to help you become healthy and develop the body that you’ve always wanted. It’s a team effort, and we’re eager to help you. What makes Zero Gravity Fitness stand out from the rest?


Perhaps you’ve always thought about learning pilates but never found the right community for it. We can offer you that community. Our pilates sessions offer a series of exercises that are low-impact and designed to improve your flexibility, core strength, endurance, posture, and lower back pain. Because it’s low-impact, the exercise is great for those who are just looking to join the gym for the first time. Even those who are a bit older but still want to retain their health can benefit from pilates.

We typically offer different strength training exercises that are repeated throughout the pilates session. You typically don’t need to bring any equipment outside of a mat, either. As such, pilates is one of the best ways to start working out at the gym for beginners.

Our trainers can meet with you individually to go over the goals that you have for yourself. We’ll even inquire about your medical health to ensure that the exercises don’t cause any problems for your body. Whether you wish to train with a group or have one-on-one sessions at Zero Gravity Fitness, we are eager to help.

We even offer a special form of pilates known as prenatal pilates. Because pilates can be customizable to the individual, it can be adapted for a mother as she becomes heavier with her child. It’s also a great exercise regimen for mothers who have given birth and are looking to get back into shape. By toning the pelvic muscles through pilates, it can make your pregnancy more comfortable and the birthing experience just that much easier.

Private Training

Another excellent feature that Zero Gravity Fitness offers over other Winter Garden gyms is personal training. Too often, other gyms say that they have personal training, but really it’s just a person who stands by and watches you exercise. Our personal trainers are knowledgeable and eager to know who you are and help you become the best physical version of yourself.

The process of private training begins with the two of you having a conversation. During that conversation, your trainer will know where you are physically in terms of fitness, what you want to be, and any medical or physical problems that may prevent you from achieving that goal. Once that information has been gathered, they can then formulate a fitness plan that can best suit you.

While working out in groups can sometimes be fun, there are cases when you just need that one-on-one focus and attention. Trainers can help ensure that you’re doing the exercises that are going to best help you reach that fitness goal. You won’t waste your time with one exercise when another could benefit you so much more. We’ll also help you stay motivated. Too often, it can be easy to burn out from exercise or to become frustrated when you’re not seeing results as quickly as you would like.

Our trainers know how to keep your head in the game and moving forward. That personal connection with your trainer can forge a lasting relationship that can further keep you motivated and enjoy working out at Zero Gravity Fitness. Our gym offers personal trainers for various programs.

Body Shock Training

Few Winter Garden gyms are prepared to give body shock training. This form of training is best for those who have hit a wall in their exercise regimen. Their body has become used to the exercises and won’t develop muscle or trim down as easily as it was doing before. To give your body a boost of energy and keep it burning fat and calories, you need body shock. This training essentially shocks your body with a burst of fitness that shakes off the stubborn and slow decrease in body fat.

The trainers at Zero Gravity Fitness will design a sports drill regimen specifically for you. You’ll also likely train with free weights. This regimen is designed to surprise your body and keep your mind interested in the challenges that the trainer sets before you. By undergoing our body shock training, your fitness level will continue to increase dramatically.


Besides intense strength training, Zero Gravity Fitness also offers yoga sessions. You can’t be completely healthy until your mind is also at peace. Yoga is a great way to balance both physical and mental health. It tests and strengthens your flexibility and balance while allowing you the chance to just breathe and reflect throughout the exercise.

Clearly, our Zero Gravity Fitness gym offers a series of great ways to become healthy and fit. To get started, reach out to our team in Ocoee. Contact us today to speak with an expert!