Yoga and Pilates: Benefits of Fusion Exercises

Most people are somewhat familiar with yoga and Pilates. The founder of Pilates did yoga himself, and the similarities make it a good combination. There are a few differences, including the breathing techniques; however, combining them can result in a strong, lean, and good-looking body through low impact exercises. People tend to think they fall into the same exercise category, yet yoga emphasizes more spirituality as part of the practice.

Differences Between Yoga and Pilates

The main difference between yoga and Pilates is the class structure; yoga classes often work on different groups of poses and are not consistent from day-to-day. Pilates is more structured in the fact that it is consistent daily and is based on the idea that all movements originate from the core of the body. While both focus on breathing, there are differences such as inhaling or exhaling on each transition between poses, and Pilates typically teaches inhaling through the nose while exhaling through the mouth.

Another difference is the spirituality that yoga incorporates. However, Pilates can also invigorate the mind and evaluate the spirit. And the principles of yoga include proper exercise while Pilates focuses on the movements needed for exercise. Pilates is also focused on spinal alignment and core strength to improve movement. Remember, yoga classes can be gentle and relaxing or can provide intense full-body workouts focusing on different groups of poses. Pilates, on the other hand, uses slow, isolated movements to strengthen the spine and core muscles.

Pilates principles include:

• Flow
• Breath
• Concentration
• Centering
• Precision
• Control

Yoga principles include:

• Proper exercise
• Breathing
• Relaxation
• Diet
• Meditation

Combining Yoga and Pilates

There are benefits to combining yoga and Pilates; however, it is important to discuss types of yoga classes that work to meet individual needs. Both yoga and Pilates are low-impact and great for people with physical injuries or issues they need to strengthen. Yoga is even good for pregnancy and to lower stress, which causes health issues. They are great for strengthening and flexibility, improving movement and health. It is always important to discuss exercise with a doctor for injuries, after surgeries, and while pregnant to ensure it is safe.

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