The Benefits of Pilates in Orlando

Pilates in Orlando has the power to make a positive impact on your health, without the typical stresses other exercises can have on your body. Read on to discover all the amazing benefits of Pilates that you can get.

A revitalizing workout for both mind and body

By spotlighting correct breathing, proper pelvic and spinal alignment, and fluid, free-flowing movement, you become keenly attuned to your body. In Pilates, the focus is on the quality of movement rather than the quantity of repetitions. Correct breathing is crucial and helps you perform moves with peak efficiency and power. Just as importantly, learning how to breathe correctly can bring down stress levels.

Get lean, long muscles and increase flexibility

Most other conventional exercises have a tendency to build short, burly muscles. These muscles are the type that are more susceptible to injury. Pilates elongates and strengthens, improving joint mobility and muscle elasticity. This balance of strength and flexibility makes your body less prone to injury.

Develop an evenly toned-up body, prevent injuries, and improve sports performance

In the same way, a lot of these traditional workouts have a tendency to work the same muscles. This leads to strong muscles getting stronger and weak muscles getting weaker. Muscular imbalance is the result – a leading cause of chronic back pain and injury.

Pilates trains the entire body, even the feet and ankles. No one muscle group is undertrained or overtrained. Your entire muscular structure is evenly conditioned and balanced, allowing you to enjoy sports and daily activities with greater comfort, better performance and a smaller likelihood of injury.

Discover how to move with efficiency

Pilates exercises in Orlando work out several groups of muscles at the same time in continuous, smooth movements. By learning the correct technique, you can teach your body to move in safer, more efficient motion patterns, which is priceless for sports performance, optimal health and good posture.

Pilates could seriously help you. Make an appointment at Zero Gravity Fitness in Ocoee to learn more. Contact us today to schedule a consultation!