The Benefits of Pilates

Becoming a healthier person is more than just watching what you eat. It involves exercise and an ability to be more flexible. This is why Pilates was first developed and why millions of people love doing this specific type of exercise to strengthen and lengthen their muscles for a toner and leaner look. Pilates is most often used in the dancing and ballet community as a way to keep dancers’ limbs flexible for tough routines. For the average person, you can begin developing long and lean dancer’s muscles by doing these exercises regularly.


What Is Pilates?

Developed in the 1920s by Joseph Pilates, this particular type of exercise was specifically designed for the purpose of rehabilitation. It was most often recommended to soldiers returning from war or for dancers who would experience aches and pains after tough routines. The exercises became more popular when people realized that not only was it ideal for rehabilitation purposes, but that it was also helping to tone up the body and create a lean and beautiful physique. Today, millions of people practice Pilates regularly and love the results that they get from doing it.


What are the Benefits?

The exercises work just about every muscle of the body, which means a leaner and stronger physique. It’s ideal for people who are trying to lose weight because it helps to tone up the body as you drop away the inches. For individuals who just want a stronger and leaner body, Pilates helps to tone up areas that you might have been struggling to tighten for years. It’s especially ideal for middle aged individuals who are noticing that their bodies just aren’t looking the way that they used to. You can recapture your youth by incorporating Pilates into your routine several times a week.


What to Expect

The great thing about the exercises is that, while incredibly effective, they are also easy on the joints and body. This is what makes it an ideal exercise for just about anyone and everyone who wants to get fit. It does not matter your age or current physical fitness level since Pilates can easily be incorporated into your life.


Here at Zero Gravity Fitness we offer a range of beginner and intermediate classes that are ideal for those who are just starting out and individuals who have been doing Pilates for years. For more information, feel free to schedule a consultation with one of our fitness experts to discuss your options and see which class is best fit for you. We are conveniently located in Ocoee, FL. Contact us to set up your appointment today!