Three Tips for Beginning your Barre Workout

Were you once a little girl in a pink leotard and ballet slippers? Or did you simply want to be that little girl, or better yet, the swan in Swan Lake or the Sugar Plum fairy? While it may be too late to realize your ballet dreams, it’s never too late to reap the benefits of a ballet-inspired workout, thanks to our Barre Fusion classes.

These classes allow you to do it all – burn fat, sculpt muscles and build a longer, leaner physique. It’s no wonder that fabulously fit people like Madonna, Jennifer Aniston, Kristin Bell, and even The Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders use barre classes to stay fit.

Sound intriguing? Here are three facts to keep in mind:

It truly is for everyone: That is to say, everyone who wants a hardcore workout that will improve strength, balance and flexibility, and leave you looking leaner and longer. You don’t need to have taken a ballet class or even to have set eyes on a barre. In our small, intimate classes, your instructor will guide you through every step of this amazing workout.

It’s Not Cross Fit: Much like Pilates, barre classes will require you to execute small movements precisely and with good form. You will isolate and work specific muscle groups, including ones you don’t usually use. Your workout won’t focus on how many reps you can do in a minute or how much weight you can pull. But it will burn. And tone. Trust us.

It will make you shake: Especially during those first few classes, the strain you put on overlooked and underworked muscle groups will leave you quivering from the challenge. Don’t worry. This workout is hard for even the most dedicated gym rat. Be assured that the shakes will subside, leaving you with visibly better tone, strength and elongation.

Still not convinced? Consider just a few other benefits of using barre. It’s low impact, so it won’t strain or damage your joints. It will not increase bulk. It gets at those areas that women, in particular, struggle with: Hips, thighs, abdominals, and arms.

Perhaps best of all, it offers mind-body benefits similar to those felt to yoga and/ or meditation. For that one hour of barre exercise, your mind will be totally focused – but not on your life or your problems.

That’s it. A transformed body and a serene mind, all in under an hour. What’s not to love? Come in and try one of our classes. We promise you you’ll feel the burn – and maybe even love it.