Our Fitness Trainers

Toni Silva


Toni is a (NCPT) Nationally Certified Pilates Teacher, 200 E-RYT Yoga Instructor and AFAA Certified Group Fitness Instructor. Toni is comprehensively trained in Merrithew STOTT Pilates in Cadillac, Chair, Barrels, and has expertise in Injuries and Special Populations. Additional trainings include: Yoga for PTSD, Ariel Yoga, LesMills BodyFlow Advanced, LesMills BodyCombat, and TurboKick.

Toni has taught Pilates to a broad range clientele in all age groups. She has helped clients transitioning from Physical Therapy into Pilates. She has trained amateur and professional athletes to cross-train them for a particular sport (i.e.: golf, baseball, volleyball, track and field, dance, tennis, martial arts).

She has helped Active Aging Adults improve their quality of life with Pilates and she has worked with Pre- and Postnatal clients. Toni’s experience in fitness began in 2004 when living in Northern Virginia she has taught group fitness classes including kickboxing, Pilates and weight training in large gyms, community centers, and small boutique studios. She began teaching Yoga in 2006 and found her passion in mind/body practices. Toni is passionate about helping others find balance, relieve stress, and live healthy through movement. Her knowledge of muscle balancing and proper body alignment through mind/body movement has been gained through many years of experience and advanced trainings.

Toni grew up in Massachusetts and holds a B.S. degree in Media Communications. When she left Massachusetts, she was an Account Director for a High Tech Public Relations firm in Cambridge. Her husband’s career moved them to Virginia and then to Florida. Toni has two adult sons.

Bharti Mansukhani


Bharti is originally from Dubai and she has lived in Florida more than 20 years. Bharti has extensive experience in Business Management and has worked for different vertical industries as Operations Manager and most notably as a Director in the educational field. Bharti is also a Pilates Instructor trained and Certified with Merrithew STOTT Pilates Mat & Reformer. She teaches group classes and private Pilates sessions at ZGF. Bharti has a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management and Early Childhood Education.

Bharti is an avid Basketball and Tennis player. She enjoys fitness, playing different sports and healthy living. Bharti has three sons 23, 22 and 16 years old and enjoys traveling.

Andrea Francis


Andrea Francis, a Venezuelan native, moved to Orlando in 2018 to further pursue her career as a fitness trainer. Her love of overall wellness, perfecting posture, and passion for people is what drew her to become a professional in the fitness industry. She is inspired to help others find strength, balance, and live healthy through movement. In 2008, she received her certifications in Pilates and Group fitness, Mat Pilates with the Spanish Aerobics Federation(FEDA), Kickboxing Group Fitness, and HIIT classes under Strong-nation; and begin teaching group fitness classes. Her desire to expand her fitness resume’ pushed her to pursue her personal trainer certification with AFAA.

Andrea desires to provide her clients with the confidence and support to achieve their fitness goals. She believes being consistent and staying motivated are pivotal in anyone’s fitness journey.

Andrea is fluent in both English and Spanish.

Andrea Francis

Karrington Tabor


Karrington Tabor, or KT, gymnast-turned-cheerleader, found her love for Pilates and Contrology after discovering the intensity of low impact following years of high-impact conditioning. KT is continually inspired by the acrobatic potential of Pilates, combined with the flow of movement and creative flexibility that produces the perfect combination to not just heal the body, but challenge it in fascinating ways.  Originally from Indiana, KT grew up in South Florida where she discovered the importance of cultivating a passion for health in everyday life. KT is a fine arts graduate from Butler University in Classical Studies, Literature/Creative Writing, and Journalism. KT is comprehensively trained & certified in Pilates.  KT joined Zero Gravity in January of 2024.

Sean Ghazzara

Personal Trainer

As a lifelong athlete, I’m proudest to have competed as an Elite Level Gymnast. With that experience comes decades of maintaining and perfecting the science behind peek physical conditioning.
I have worked as a Certified Personal Trainer since 2010. And I have assisted clients of all ages on how to effectively define, execute and modify personal fitness objectives. I recognize that our physical bodies are subject to years of unintentional injuries, aging and general abuse.
As an athlete I have been subject to many of these common injuries. With that experience I have been able to help my clients properly identify old and current injuries. And I have utilized proven techniques to combat their injuries so they can more effectively obtain, refine and redefine their fitness goals.
Beyond the physical science of building strong and flexible bodies, I take pride in how I’ve taught clients the obscured aspects of fitness. I know from personal experience how dedicating time to physical health can be an effective method at improving mental health.
Having good physical health is a lifelong goal, it is essential to experiment and discover what fun physical activity looks like for you personally. I can show you that exercise is actually exciting, fun and is a useful tool. A tool to improve your confidence, appearance, health, mood and ailments.I would love to show you how to yield that tool through Personal Fitness.

Devonte Shackelford


I am a UCF alumni with a Bachelors of Science degree in Sports & Exercise Science. I have been a personal trainer for 6 years and I started training because I played sports such as football, track & basketball growing up. I believe in living an active lifestyle to stay healthy and want to use my knowledge that I’ve gained over the years to help whoever I can.

Erica Siegel


Erin Murphy


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