What Does Cardiovascular Training Entail?

Cardiovascular training, commonly known as cardio training, is often the first phrase to be mentioned when topics of exercise, fitness, and weight loss come up. Although the concept of cardio is popular, there is a mystery about what it actually entails and how it works. Cardio means heart and vascular means vessels. Cardiovascular training raises the heart rate and requires it to pump more oxygen through the vessels to the muscles. Cardio, also referred to as aerobic exercise, is key to weight loss and heart health.

Five Popular Cardiovascular Activities

  • Brisk Walk or Treadmill
  • Jumping Jacks
  • Swimming
  • Team Sports
  • Bike Riding or Cycling

Information about beginning cardio training can overwhelm because there are so many activities that fall under the umbrella of cardiovascular exercise. You may decide you would like to jog, or you may prefer to get a gym membership and use machines or you may opt for a personal trainer with us. Regardless of which of these activities you pursue these are tips to keep in mind to safely and successfully begin a cardio training routine.

Begin Gently

Don’t go from couch to 5k in a day, not only is it dangerous for your body but it’s detrimental to your self-esteem and encouragement. Instead, start with a gentle, moderate activity routine. Starting with 15 to 30 minutes a day three times a week can be a comfortable way to start. If you are comfortable with that pace and need to do more you can always ramp things up slowly until you feel challenged but not overwhelmed by your activity.

In the same vein, each workout or activity should begin with a gentle warm-up and a gentle cool down. It’s ill-advised to jump straight into the most challenging part of your activity. The heart and muscles need time to warm up to the activity to sustain and process best. Much like a car, the body will not run it’s best without time to warm up and adjust.

Listen to Your Body

Much in a similar vein of beginning gently it’s important to listen to your body. It doesn’t matter if you are on day one or day one hundred of cardio training if you are experiencing overwhelm it’s okay to slow down and it’s okay to stop. While it is important to push oneself overtime in any exercise routine that should not be mistaken with overdoing it. Overdoing cardio will have the opposite effect on your heart and your overall health.

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