Working Out During Pregnancy with Prenatal Pilates

Doctors encourage expectant women to continue exercising during their pregnancies. When you work out, you improve the function of key vital organs and systems in your body. Pilates in particular can be a type of exercise that may be easy for you to take part in during your pregnancy. Find out if prenatal Pilates is right for you by learning what benefits it can offer while you’re expecting.

Stomach and Glute Strengthening

Pregnancy stretches out the muscles and ligaments in many parts of your midsection. When you do Pilates, you maintain the tone and strength of key muscle groups in your stomach and glutes.

Prenatal Pilates also encourages the production and release of a hormone called relaxin. Relaxin causes your ligaments to stretch, which in turn can minimize any discomfort that you experience in your pelvis and hips. It also helps stretch the ligaments around your sacroiliac joint in your lower back.

Reduction of Back Pain

It’s no secret that pregnancy takes a toll on your back. As your baby grows and your abdomen expands, you experience stress and strain throughout your entire back.

Prenatal Pilates minimizes this discomfort and can improve your posture. As you continue your Pilates regimen throughout your pregnancy, you may avoid the crippling strain that plagues many women until they deliver.

Pelvic Floor Strengthening

As your baby grows, your pelvic floor can weaken. The weight from your growing baby can compromise the hammock of muscles in your pelvis that support your bladder and uterus.

As that muscle weakens, you may find yourself at risk for problems like incontinence. Pilates strengthens the muscles in your pelvic floor and helps you avoid incontinence after you deliver your baby.

Deep and Controlled Breathing

Pregnant women often complain of feeling like they are short of breath. Your growing baby can put pressure on your diaphragm and make it difficult to breathe deeply. You may even feel dizzy and tired because of an inability to take deep breaths throughout the day.

Pilates during pregnancy can improve your breathing and give you the techniques to control it better. This exercise facilitates a better exchange of air for you and your baby. It increases the flexibility in your belly and chest so you can draw deeper breaths. At the same time, it strengthens your oblique muscles.

Improved Balance

Finally, prenatal Pilates improves your balance as your belly grows and you gain baby weight. Your growing size can disrupt your sense of balance. You may find that you are clumsier and more prone to running into things because your balance has been thrown off center.

Pregnancy Pilates improves your core strength, helps you regain that center and lets you remain steadier on your feet by promoting postural change awareness. This benefit is important in preventing injuries from falls or running into sharp objects that could hurt you or your baby.

Your doctor may tell you to keep up your fitness regimen while you are pregnant. You can stay in good health and help key areas of your body adjust with prenatal Pilates. This exercise offers benefits that promote a healthy baby and safe delivery. We are pleased to offer this service with expertise at Zero Gravity Fitness in Ocoee. Contact us today to speak to a member of our skilled team and learn more!