Workouts You Can Do with Your Kids

For most adults, staying healthy is a full-time job. Every day you’ve got to decide on healthy meals to eat, stay away from unhealthy but tempting choices, and get enough exercise to stay strong and efficiently burn calories. On top of your job and spending time with your family, most people run out of hours in the day.

We know you want to stay in shape, but the time you spend at home should absolutely be dedicated to quality time with the kids. The good news is that you don’t have to give up a healthy physique for play-time. Why not simply work out as a family?

1) Catch, Frisbee, and Impromptu Soccer

Spending time outside is the number one way to get kids away from their usual sedate activities and activate that endless core of child-energy that’s in every one of them. Something about the fresh air and opportunity to show off their physical skills is exciting.

Take the kids into the yard or to a favorite park and break out the balls or frisbees. Anything that gets you and the little ones running up and down a field is a great cardio workout, keeps the kids engaged, and can include a family pet.

2) Roller Skating

On rainy days and when you need something a little less impactful than running and diving for frisbees, roller skating is an amazing way to work on your strength, stamina, balance, and flexibility in an environment most kids can’t get enough of.

It may seem a little hoaky to grownups but between the peppy music, laser light, and unique mode of transportation, a roller rink can be hours of active fun for the whole family. Don’t worry if you or your kids are bad at it at first, learning is part of the fun.

3) Jazzercise

For our final number, you don’t even have to leave the house to have a great, exhausting, and productive workout with your kids. Gear up in your best leg warmers and soft, stretchy outfits and prepare to rock the living room with the most energetic dance moves you can think of.

The younger the kids, the less self-conscious they will be but if you set this tradition up early, they could be jazzercising with you well into their teens, keeping the whole family healthy and having a good time together.

Making time for family and fitness may seem like a challenge today but workout time can be a great way to have fun with the kids and with a huge collection of enjoyable benefits. You and the kids will be healthier, you’ll have a reason to play games together every week, and you’ll probably find yourself even more motivated than usual to work out because your kids are having fun with you every time.

At Zero Gravity Fitness, we can also help you with workouts in Orlando. Happy family fitness!