How Pilates Benefits Arthritis

Pilates has existed for thousands of years since its origin from ancient India. Contrary to popular belief, Pilates isn’t entirely about twisting your body into awkward positions – it’s much more than that.

Pilates is a combination of exercises and breathing techniques designed to optimize meditation. It has been known to improve mental and physical health – including stress reduction, anxiety reduction and even physical conditions.

Pilates is most applicable to joint pains and stiffness, which are symptoms that are evident in arthritis.

At Zero Gravity Fitness in Ocoee, we offer Pilates classes that can help ease arthritis pain. Our certified and trained staff can help guide you through the proper techniques and movements, so you get relief where you need it most. If you’ve been struggling with arthritis, contact Zero Gravity Fitness today to schedule an appointment.

The benefits that Pilates produces for arthritis are more than just physical. People who actively perform Pilates are known to have formed a more peaceful relationship with the pain that they constantly experience. In other words, whatever sort of pain that they used to feel, including arthritis, became less of a hindrance to them in their daily lives.

Pilates exercises are completely safe. They do not apply any additional stress on your joints. Instead, the mixture of postures and breathing techniques are designed to make you feel nothing but comfortable. Unlike other types of physical exercises, Pilates is adaptable to your individual fitness level. As you build strength and ease discomfort, you can continue to increase your ability.

When it comes to people with arthritis, it’s absolutely common to experience deprived levels of physical energy and strength. This is simply because the pain that they experience is far too severe to maintain an active lifestyle. Pilates takes that into consideration as well, making its exercises simple to perform but with maximum results.

Arthritis has plagued far too many people, preventing them from living the way that they should. If all of this is feels familiar to you, there really is nothing else as compelling as Pilates. We strongly encourage you to give it a try, and see the wonders that it can work for you in terms of pain relief, eased tension and improved flexibility.

See what Pilates can do for you – mentally and physically – at Zero Gravity Fitness. Our trained instructors are here to help guide you into a Pilates program that is right for you.