Yoga in Orlando: What Are the Benefits?

Exercise fads seem to arise every few years. As quickly as they gain popularity, however, they often fade into obscurity. Yoga is one type of exercise that has endured throughout the years. Discover what this popular type of exercise is and why it remains popular with people who want to get into shape and improve their health.

What Is Yoga?

Yoga is a series of exercises that boosts a person’s mental, physical, and spiritual health. It dates back to ancient India and involves a variety of stretches, slow movements, poses and breathing techniques.

Unlike most forms of exercising, yoga also involves the use of meditation. Because of the manner in which the exercises are done, they reportedly are beneficial in easing or reversing health conditions like heart disease, high blood pressure, stress and asthma. It is also safe for most people to do regardless of their prior or current health conditions.

Types of Yoga

The term encompasses different exercises and poses. The different types are:

• Hatha, which entails a series of movements that enhance breathing
• Vinyasa, which involves a series of motions that flow into each other
• Power, or high intensity and faster movements that build muscle
• Ashtanga, which also involve special breathing techniques
• Bikram, or hot yoga because it is done in a room with an elevated temperature
• Iyengar, which utilizes blocks, straps, and chairs to move the body into proper alignment

Each technique benefits the body in a variety of ways. They also help people tone and build strength throughout their bodies.

Areas of the Body Impacted by Yoga

When you practice on a regular basis, you build strength and endurance in key areas of your body. Some of the primary body parts that benefit from this form of exercise include the:

• arms
• abdomen
• legs
• buttocks
• back

Yoga helps you gain a wider range of motion and physical capabilities, including:

• flexibility
• endurance
• strength
• full body toning

More importantly, however, it can be practiced by most people anywhere regardless of their age, overall health and how physically fit they are right now. Doctors and fitness experts recommend it to most people, even senior citizens who want to enjoy better health and improve the way their bodies move and function.

Yoga offers health benefits that make it popular with people who want to get into shape and improve the way their bodies look. This form of exercise also boosts people’s mental and spiritual health. Since its inception in ancient India, it has proven to be a low-cost yet beneficial way to exercise.

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