About Us

About Us

Why Choose Zero Gravity Fitness

Zero Gravity Fitness is a full service Pilates and personal training studio dedicated to providing the highest level of customer service. Our goal is to inspire our clients to achieve optimal physical fitness, reduce injuries and maximize self esteem. We accomplish this by providing a private, high end atmosphere where the customers feel comfortable whether they are elite athletes or novices starting a fitness program for the first time. Our facility has been open for 14 years and has earned a stellar reputation within the community.

We are reinventing group fitness by providing an intimate atmosphere where clients can increase strength and flexibility. We use innovative exercise classes such as our exclusive Russian Kettlebell, which is geared towards total body toning. An array of massage techniques are uniquely designed to relax and rejuvenate the body for a complete wellness experience.

Leo have over ten years combined experience in the fitness industry. They hold the most recognized degrees and certifications the business has to offer, and are continually increasing their knowledge by following the latest trends in the industry. Their personal goal is to offer quality service by hiring only the most qualified instructors and trainers.

At Zero Gravity Fitness, we work with our clients individual needs to help them choose from our professional services. At Zero Gravity we have developed a wide range of clientele including, but not limited to:

  • Athletes looking to improve performance.
  • Post rehabilitative clients wanting to continue on their way towards recovery.
  • Pre and post natal mothers looking for a safe way to stay in shape.
  • Seniors eager to stay active and mobile.
  • Middle aged people whom, at a turning point in their lives, are striving to stay healthy.
  • Young people attempting to achieve a healthy lifestyle and or improve their flexibility.

Our fitness professionals will continually work to develop new programs to accommodate our growing clientele because with Zero Gravity nothing can keep you down.

Zero Gravity Fitness