Charishma Chulani 

1. Zero Gravity has truly given me an experience I will take with me as I move forward with my fitness Journey. I started with the personal training package in early January 2023 and each visit delivered guidance that enhance my body and mind. The trainers were attentive and focused on my personal goals yet, they also had their own goals for me. I thought I had a limit – and every time I came to a class, they challenged me to go beyond it. Loved the team, the culture and the motivation they gave me on a weekly basis to do better and better.

2. My initial goals were basic – lose weight, build muscle, eat better. After a few short weeks they changed to be way more challenging and targeted. I have been with a trainer for 2 months and I strive to meet more challenges as I have gained energy and strength. My trainers have been integral as I understand the importance of form, flexibility and balance – the importance of staying safe as I challenge my body. In addition, they are there when I need guidance on clean eating, light workouts at home and when to rest!

3. I cannot begin to express how great this year has been for me so far. I am the healthiest I’ve ever been. I am the strongest I’ve ever been. I am the fittest I have ever been. Zero Gravity has been amazing for me physically however, MENTALLY – even more so. I see myself as an entirely different person, like I can DO ANYTHING I put my mind to just because I was able to do this. I was trained to put effort into myself and to have confidence in myself – which I was lacking in every way.

I commend the trainers here who work out on a daily basis – it takes work, focus and dedication to others. I appreciate that dedication as it has made me better overall.

Charishma Chulani

Charles Davis 

Susan West

Zero Gravity Fitness