Group Reformer

The reformer is the exercise device that many people associate with Pilates, and that’s no accident.

The reformer can lead to dramatic changes in your body, making reformer classes among the most popular in all of Pilates.

At Zero Gravity Fitness in Ocoee, Fla., we offer group reformer classes that will help you get fit, so you can achieve and maintain your fitness goals – all in a fun and inspiring atmosphere.

What is a Pilates Reformer?

The founder of Pilates, Joseph Pilates, invented the reformer, which has a bed-type frame with a flat platform – known as the carriage – which is attached to the reformer by springs. These springs offer users different resistance levels as the carriage is pushed or pulled along the frame.

The carriage has shoulder blocks that keep the practitioner from sliding off the end of the reformer as they push or pull the carriage.

How Is a Reformer Used?

The reformer is versatile and can be used by anyone after they receive proper instruction from our professional staff at Zero Gravity. Exercises are performed lying down, standing and sitting as users reap the benefits of this machine. The reformer works many parts of the body in many different ways, leading to better strength, balance and flexibility.

There are numerous reformer exercises, and our staff at Zero Gravity can work with anyone – from beginners to those who have been practicing Pilates and using the reformer for years.

What Are the Benefits of Using The Reformer?

The reformer boosts users’ overall body strength, promotes flexibility, increases coordination and improves balance. These positive changes can then lead to better posture and moving with more grace and efficiency. For those who suffer from back and other pain, Pilates can provide much-needed relief.

The reformer can accommodate full ranges of motion, which is great for boosting flexibility while you get stronger. The reformer promotes the length many of us want to develop in our bodies and trains our bodies to maintain that length.

Pushing and pulling with legs or arms against the resistance of the springs builds strength. Exercises provide resistance and varied movements that will help you develop strong bones.

The reformer also promotes what is known as eccentric muscle contractions. This occurs when muscles lengthen as they resist a force. The reformer is designed to promote eccentric contractions – key if you want to achieve long and strong muscles without unwanted bulk.

The reformer’s rolling carriage features springs set at various resistance levels. This provides stability challenges that allow you to develop core strength and achieve improved balance.

Working out on the reformer can benefit anyone, whether you are an elite athlete who has trained for years or someone who hasn’t exercised in far too long.

Contact Zero Gravity Fitness today to learn more about our various Pilates classes and pinpoint which one would be best for you to achieve your fitness goals.

At Zero Gravity Fitness, our group reformer classes are 55 minutes long with class sizes of about seven participants each.

Please be advised that before you can participate in a group reformer class, you must meet with your instructor for a 30-minute introductory session on the reformer. During this session, the Zero Gravity staff will teach you how the reformer apparatus is used, and you will receive instruction on basic form and other essential information you will need.

This session also gives you a chance to speak with our staff one-on-one and share relevant information about your physical or medical limitations and overall fitness goals.

Please Note:

  • Clients must cancel a session at least 12 hours in advance to avoid paying a cancellation penalty.
  • No-shows count as a session.
  • For late arrivals, time is taken from session.
  • Schedules are subject to change.

Trainers are not only knowledgeable, but well-rounded, very friendly and personable. I also love the atmosphere as well as the energetic vibe I receive when I work out at Zero Gravity Fitness.



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